Oh Man! Do you realize?

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Oh Man! Do you realise?

Do you acknowledge the destruction of your own clan?
Or are you still blind folded in delusion where religious beliefs and karma are drawn out as the cause of this misfortune?

This nature has given you much to your need but your stomach was in greed
And do you see the after math finally ? The pressure this earth has got reverted back to you by your own deeds

When your activities are flawless in an eco system where everything should work in accordance 
It’s no wonder you had no mercy for the pure heart is scarce to find where people kill themselves in hatred

You should have bothered us but we gave up on knowing how intensely self centred lives you were living in
We do bear you unlike how you treat us, you can control us, degrade river’s quality, hunt for your greedy stomach

But better be aware that it’s all confined & anything that’s consumed more than threshold, can’t be tolerated by us 
We believe there’s breakdown in your routine, thousands are being killed for those actions they’re not guilty of 

But this wind is still in its route with its own old sway of comforting you
These rivers still flow steadily to quench your thirst, days and dusks never miss their time, flowers bud and crops reap, for your well being

We have a broad heart to take in your violence so quick to serve you in need but remember not until you prey on us outragingly 
Whatever that’s prevailing is not only due to excessive greed but also because of lack of self concern that you people aren’t able to give yourself, forget about us

May this realisation sink in deep through your heartAnd let you pace forward in enlightenment cause we live for you and await for normalcy to set in

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