Five Best Destinations For Winter Trip In India

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Five Best Destinations For Winter Trip In India

Winter is all about laziness, comforting inside a blanket, having a mug of coffee, and staring at the window. But, how’s the idea of trying something new this winter? If you are brave enough to keep your blanket aside and face the cold weather of winter, then a lot of destinations in India are waiting for you. These destinations vary from deserts to greeneries and also from sea beaches to snow-filled lands. What’s common among these places is that they will surely satiate your desire of having fun and make you pass a joy-filled winter. So, Let’s be ready for a small virtual tour of these places. Here’re a few best places to visit in India during winter:

1. Gulmarg, the magical snow-filled land:

First on our list is Gulmarg of Kashmir. If you like snow, then you will certainly love visiting Gulmarg. Though Gulmarg is a place that is worth seeing throughout the whole year, its charisma is magnified only in the winter season. With its snow-covered landscapes and icy lakes, this point is no less than heaven. If one is hungry for snow-related athletics like skiing, trekking, or snowboarding, then this destination is absolutely perfect for him. So, this mini-Switzerland of our country is, undoubtedly, a location that may be listed within the best places to visit in India in December. Oh wait! don’t shirk to trot the cable car in Gulmarg otherwise you will regret later skipping it.

2.Rann of Kutch, the salty desert:

Ever dreamt of relaxing under a tent in a renowned salty and arid land of the realm at less than zero degrees Fahrenheit? Then fulfill your dream this winter by visiting Gujrat’s “Rann of Kutch”. The most interesting fact about this area is, it keeps on being submerged inside water for nearly eight months every year beginning from March. And, approximately in October, this place starts drying up and converts itself into a salty marsh. So, no doubt, this place is also on the list of one of the best places to visit in India during winter. In addition to that, the extra benefit you will get by attending this place during winter is, you can take part in the extraordinary Rann festival at this time. So, do stay at this place, celebrate its magnificence, and feel the Gujrati culture in the shopping, eats, and folk dances of this Rann festival.

3.Goa, where sea beaches meet the party zones:

Among the many best places to visit in India during winter, Goa’s name always remains on the top list. December, with its arrival, sets in us an urge for some party and entertainment, and what spot can be better for it than Goa? Whether you prefer to throw a Christmas party or a New Year celebration, Goa is, of course, the ideal location for it. Apart from these parties, the visitors also love Goa for its different Carnivals, Film Festivals, or other celebrations. Added to this, the fascinating weather, the quiet beaches, a combination of water games, the cruises with DJ, and the energetic nightclubs are some other reasons for the travelers to choose Goa as their winter destination. By the way, the sunrise and the sunset on Goa sea beaches and also the cathedrals are a must-watch. Don’t miss them.

4.Wayanad, your warm and green paradise:

Want to feel the warmth of sunny days in winter? Explore Wayanad in Kerala. It is the destination among the several best places to visit in India in December, which leaves a mark on the soul of every visitor. January and February are also favorable months for an expedition to this site. Besides the comfortable weather, one can also enjoy the greeneries in Wayanad, which are hard to found in the winter season in other regions. This excellent hill station has everything to give to you that usually, one searches on for a recess – good food, good people, the inhabitant’s culture, and the long-lived history. You can furthermore visit many bird-watching sites, Edakkal dens, and also Wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad. Besides, people from the whole of India come to this area for trekking over its trails.

5. Puducherry, a place with a mixture of French and Indian culture:

Have a long desire to travel to France and experience its culture but short of money? Don’t worry! Even in your own country, you can explore French culture to some extent. You don’t have to travel overseas for that. What you have to do is to plan a trip to Puducherry, and that too in winter. You will find your visit to that place very worthwhile. The sunny but pleasant temperature in winter is incredibly romantic. It will compel you to see the place again and again. Plus, you can spend your entire day over the beach. Moreover, you may also enjoy various water sports there. And, after you have done with it, several French-style restaurants and eateries are at that place to satisfy your gastronomical appetite with their sumptuous foods and beverages. Besides, you may also spend another whole day for the city tour and enjoy different site-seeings of French heritage and buildings.

Final words:

So, why are you still waiting? The winter is not so far. Start your planning. Choose any one among the above-mentioned best places to visit in India during winter, which your heart desire to go for. And, this will surely be your best winter up till now.

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