AAROGYA SETU App – Precautions

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Stop Corona Virus
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Most of you might have unistalled the app thinking that it is waste or no effective use.

So I urge people to install or install again who installed earlier

Now see…

This app asks you like do you have cough, fever, breathing issue etc.

For sure 99% will write answer as NO

Now you will be shown in GREEN zone and you might think you are safe and app is waste.

This app asks you to turn ON GPS AND BLUETOOTH

YOU SHOULD KEPT ON always, mostly when you go out.

Whenever you will go out or in crowded place or to bjy grocery etc.

This app will keep tracking the nearby persons who installed the app and will save in database.

Now when you (Person A) are standing near stranger (Person B), you are in GREEN zone and stranger also normal and he is in GREEN zone as well.

But, if after 10 days stranger (person B) gets CORONA POSITIVE then this APP will alert you and your GREEN color will turn to ORANGE or YELLOW.

It will tell that you went to XYZ place 10 days back to buy grocery etc and the person who was in there with xyz identity is diagnosed CORONO +ve today.

It means 10 days back that hidden infection is visible now. And please go for corono test asap.

In addition this app will send alert to all other people who came near to Person B with time and location.

Will GPS ON, location of PersonB will be visible as well and it will help to win fight against Covid19.

Now please educate others and share this use case to others.

When APP will get more user base, it will alert even when you will come near to ORANGE ZONE person.

APP will ring alarm to recommend change of travel route if your path may cross HOTSPOTS.

Now think and believe that our Prime Minister asked us to install this 4 times. Hence this cannot be a waste APP and govt is not having bad intention or personal benefits with this APP.

Consider it as a India’s PM appeal

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