A fox and an elephant lived in a forest. The elephant was very gullible and the fox was very clever.  One day the fox said to the elephant, “elephant! you are very powerful.  No other animal has such a huge body and strength as you.  Can you break the banana on the tree and give […]

This is at a time when there was an old rivalry between the turtle and the rabbit because the turtle once defeated the rabbit in the race and it was because the rabbit was asleep at that time and the turtle slowly walked and won the race. Once the monkey told the rabbit’s family that […]

Sunandha was the King of Kosilika, a small kingdom. It was attacked a couple of times by bigger neighboring states. Though King Sunandha displayed much courage and tenacity and won those battles, the wars cost him very dear. The kingdom became poorer and poorer. The king as well as the people were worried about this. […]

Once there was a king who loved to go hunting. He always went hunting in disguise. One day, after a long day’s hunting, the king lost his way. He moved into that part of the jungle which was part of another kingdom. Wandering here and there, he soon felt very thirsty. So be searched for a […]

Ambarisa was a great king, but his greatness was more due to bis devotion to Vishnu than to his power or wealth. He was so deeply devoted to Vishnu that Vishnu gave him a rare boon. By that boon the king 1oould summon Vishnu’s invincible weapon, the Sudarshana Chakra. However,very few knew of this privilege granted […]