Baby Teething Comfort Tips

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Baby Teething Comfort Tips

When a new born baby gets the first set of teeth, it comes with its own set of discomforts. This will be a challenging time both for the baby as well as for the parents.

Here is a list of some of the comfort tips that are suggested by the dentists that can be used for baby teething;

  • Wash hands and give the baby a soft and gentle gum massage to relief from swollen gums.
  • Refrigerate a pacifier to soften the gums as it will help to rule out the pain.
  • When babies are growing new teeth, they will be tried to refrain from eating, due to discomfort. Provide them with milk popsicles.
  • You can also serve your babies with frozen apple chunks that are cut into small pieces.
  • Refrigerate a small metal spoon that they can play with and at the same time it will keep your baby distracted from feeling the pain
  • Serve chilled pureed foods to your baby before feeding the baby. This might encourage the child to eat stomach full.
  • Hugs and cuddles will help babies providing extra comfort. It is often suggested as one of the best treatments.
  • Comfort your baby with a gentle foot massage
  • Babies tend to chew whatever they find in front of them out of discomfort. In order to avoid such situation, offer them with properly washed and cleaned, cold wash cloth and keep it on their soaring gums.
  • Give your baby a solid toy to chew on. Make sure it is clean and cold. This will help to numb the pain.
  • You can also consult a pediatrician or a dentist for advice with regard to your babies’ medication to assist with the teething symptoms of the baby.

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