Know more about Topical Fluoride Treatment for Teeth

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Know more about Topical Fluoride Treatment for Teeth

Fluoride is a natural mineral that builds strong teeth and helps in preventing the building up of cavities. It contributes to the development of strong teeth and helps in preventing the tooth from decaying. It supports the healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that can cause harm to the teeth and gums. The tooth enamel (the white portion) is the outer protective layer for each tooth.

It is advisable by dentists not to use fluoride for children under the age of 6 years. Fluoride not only helps in removing the plaque from the teeth but also provides an extra benefit by making the enamel of the teeth stronger.

It is a natural element present on the Earth and even found in the water that we drink. Many of us think that fluoride is just present in tubes of toothpaste. 

Actually no!!!

They are active ingredients and are used in a variety of dental products that includes mouth rinses as well as varnish treatments. Fluoride is both safe as well as effective. And as far as tropical fluoride is concerned, it is a preventive agent used on the enamel of the teeth. For maximum benefit, it is better to avoid brushing your teeth for 4 to 6 hours just after the varnishing is applied to the teeth of your child.  

Nothing is good if done in excess. The same applies to fluoride. If you increase the use of fluoride you might be suffering from any or all of the following;

  1. Increase your risk of cavities
  2. Excessive drug or alcohol use
  3. Eating disorder
  4. Poor oral hygiene
  5. Lack of professional dental care
  6. Poor diet
  7. Dry mouth or decreased saliva
  8. Weak enamel

However, the common sources of dietary fluoride include:

  1. Tea
  2. Fish eaten with their bones
  3. Infant formula foods

Side effects of Fluoride

Excessive use of fluoride can have a drastic effect on the human body. Some possibilities are;

  1. White specks on mature teeth
  2. Staining and pitting on teeth
  3. Problems with bone homeostasis
  4. Very dense bones that are not very strong 

What is Topical Fluoride Treatment

Here are the top 9 key inputs aboutTopical Fluoride Treatment;

  1. Fluoride is a natural mineral found on the earth
  2. Professional fluoride treatments are just worth the cost.
  3. Fluoride fights cavities by strengthening the enamel
  4. Always keep in mind that fluoride treatments are not just for kids!
  5. Professional fluoride treatments can repeal small cavities
  6. The Professional fluoride treatments are always safe and effective. 
  7. The Professional fluoride treatments do not stain teeth
  8. Professional fluoride treatments when done by expert dental surgeons do not hurt.
  9. No worries!!! You can eat and drink just after you have completed a fluoride varnish treatment

Always consult a dentist before changing or making any dietary change for your child. Never take your children for granted thinking you can experiment with foods. They are very delicate and are required to e handled with utmost care. Try to instill some good habits in your child with regards to brushing of teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and even floss once per day. Tell them to avoid sugary snacks and beverages and make sure even as a parent you follow the same. 

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