Top shopping destinations in London

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Top shopping destinations in London

London is a city of dreams which has got everything in its bag for the people. Right from eating your favorite delicious stuff to the era of shopping on your best-loved streets, London’s exotic destinations have certainly stunned every other visitor which is quite a marvelous thing.

Now, for shopping fanatics, here are the top shopping destinations in London which you will cherish and remember in every aspect of your life.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is certainly known as the Goddess of shopping. Here, you can get the opportunity to explore over 300 shops with each shop being much divergent from each other in terms of their stuff and pricing. Also, it boasts of some famous departmental shops such as John Lewis and Debenhams which will overwhelm you with their cloth quality. Grab some great discount bargain at the Primark store which can save some amount of money from your pockets.

Convent Garden

Whether you are looking for some hip-hop fashion clothing, unique gifts or some extraordinary jewelry, Convent Garden is surely one of the most exquisite places in London to explore. As an urban streetwear lover, you can try out your best-loved streetwear whereas you can find some funky shoes on the Neal Street. Don’t miss the Floral Street, Shorts Garden, and the Seven Dials as they are also some majestic shopping areas in London.

Kings Road

In the posh of the Chelsea, you will find the King road which is filled with some aromatic boutiques, unique designer shops, and some great high-street staples. Alongside, you can hold onto one café and enjoy the favorite sip of your coffee with ease and comfort. This location is definitely a great place for some interior designs such as Peter Jones, Cath Kidston, and the Heals. If you are a Zara store lover, the Kings Road has Europe’s biggest Zara store right n their hearts which is quite a magnificent thing.


Visitors all over the world do visit the Knightsbridge to catch a glimpse of some illustrious shops and departmental shops. If you are looking to find some of the most prestigious shops in London, the Knightsbridge will be the perfect option for you. This street is best known for Harrods and Heavy Nichols and you will also find some big names on the Sloane Street.

Savile Row

Known as the home of British Tailoring, the Savile Row is a great destination for all the shopping elites who like to wear some marvelous clothes. This destination offers some brilliant handmade clothes which are crafted in an old fashion for giving it that rustic charm all over. Some big names in this destination include Gieves & Hawkes, Huntsman and Sons and the Ozwald Boateng.


For the lover of Alternative Shopping, Camden can be the ideal place for shopping. Here, you can visualize London’s some great unusual shops which provide some great piece of clothing at a merely cheap price. Also, you will find plenty of the stores selling gothic collection alongside some bars and tattoo shops. And at last, don’t miss the future-made clothing shop Cyberdog which will surely stun you with their majestic clothing for sure.

Notting Hill

Thanks to the film, Noting Hill whose name is exactly same as the name of this destination. This destination offers a great set of unique clothing’s ranging from some unusual shops to some great vintage clothing’s which can be the best buy regardless of any season. A mile ahead, there is a famous Portobello Road Market which has some great set of vibrant stalls which does offer some stylish designer shops, boutiques and art galleries.

Final Verdict

For shopping lovers, London will solidly be the best ever place you could visit in your entire life. As of now, go through the above exotic destinations, pick the best one and go out on a never-ending journey of shopping and laughter all over. Apart from such great shopping discounts, you can avail The Piccadilly London West End Special Offers which can be a great booster for those who want to relax and then go out and unleash their shopping beast.   

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