Sun Raise Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels
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Just another day

Just another day when i woke up at mid-night,
Carrying the fear of losing i started to fight..
Cause I’m man with ego I’ve only one friend,
But as expected we are not at same site..

It’s not a first time when i lost my friends,
It’s journey of i need you to you can’t understand..
The journey From getting the promise of forever ,
to I’m sorry, trust me there’s nothing in my hand..

From creating my future on basis of other’s perspective ,
I can’t become that I wanna be or what I should be ..
Don’t want to become a genius or perfect, just to become a symbol ,
That want to reminds you that there always more to see..

Sitting in the bathroom and listineng my Songs ,
After the crying of four hours i can finally decide..
life is fight and I’m not gonna to give up at this night ,
So i start to follow my dream that i have already sacrificed..

I’m afraid to accepting that I’m sensitive guy ,
A man with failure and ego lead me to suffer..
I lost my name & fame But i don’t care about that ,
Though I’m failed & lost but I’m still BEYONDER..

I’m Not depressed but ,Just exhausted so I’m writing this letter ,
I tried so hard and got so far ,But in the end, it doesn’t even matter..

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