One day, when I was in school I was feeling a little sick. We had 2-3 rooms with beds in the school (known as a nursery). So, my class-teacher told me to go to one of the rooms and take rest. I went there and was soon fast asleep. I was awaken by the in-charge […]

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Rohit. He was very fond of eating ice-creams. One day, after the school , he went to the nearby shop to buy an ice-cream. He got very sad on seeing the shop closed. He looked around and saw the shopkeeper boarding a rickshaw. He stopped him […]

My face cream had finished so, I took some from my mother’s bottle and applied it on my face and went to school. when i reached school I realized something was wrong when i noticed that my classmates were staring at me. I went and looked in the mirror, and was shocked. I ran to […]

One summer, I was hanging around my compound and since I had nothing to do, my attention turned to my puppy, Coco. At that time Coco was chewing a delicious (for him not me) bone. I wanted to have some fun with him, so I started prodding him with my fingers. Coco started growling, but […]

My mother used to say very often that getting up from the wrong side (from the left side) of the bed fetches you bad luck. Even though I didn’t believe in such superstitions I would obey her by getting up from the right side. Once it so happened that I have written an ‘Inter-school level […]