The ‘T’ in BTS is Tollywood

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The ‘T’ in BTS is Tollywood

The albums that came in the combination of Iconstar Allu Arjun and Rockstar Devisree Prasad have always been super hit. The latest ‘flower’ is a testament to that. Every song in the movie, which was screened as Urmas’ entertainer, became sensational. In particular, the song ‘Oo Antawa Mawa .. Oo Antawa’ created history by garnering millions of views on YouTube. Made with masculine lyrics, the item became even more popular with songwriters such as Samantha. Everyone was amazed to see Sam-Bunny’s steps on the screen. The song has already impressed many cover songs and reels.

Now some netizens are creating editing videos for ‘Pushpa’ songs. As part of this, a netizen created a special video by adding the song ‘Oo Antawa Mawa’ to the ‘Boy with Love’ video made by the popular Korean pop singing band BTS. BTS did not follow the “flower” beat. Beat has followed BTS, “the netizen wrote. The steps taken by the BTS team RM, Jin, Suga, J. Hope, Jimin, V, Jungcook in this video .. This video has gone viral on the net as our Telugu song has to match the beat.

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