How to ensure the proper health of your children in this winter season

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How to ensure the proper health of your children in this winter season

The winter season is one of the most suitable seasons for a picnic, book fair, trade fair, etc. The winter season is loved by all the children due to all the fun activities that happen in this season. All the daily activities get slow down due to the drop in temperature. Low temperature is an alarming situation for parents to take extra care of their children. Flu, croup, colds, strep throat, stomach flu are some common diseases during wintertime. These diseases can be avoided through some small changes in your children’s daily routine.

       Tips to ensure the proper health of your child

(1) Diet

A healthy life starts with a good diet. You can include green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, and dry fruits into your child’s meal to strengthen your child’s immunity power in this winter. You can also give supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and carotenoids to your child, which will help in increasing the production of white blood cells and helps in fighting infections.

(2) Hydration

Humidity gets low in the winter time, so the body gets dehydrated easily and dehydration can cause many other problems. It is important to make sure that your child is drinking plenty of water. A proper water intake helps in digestion and manages the body temperature. Your child’s skin could get dry due to dehydration, you can use a moisturizer to keep the skin healthy.

(3) Workout

We all know daily workout is a good habit, but exercising daily gets difficult during wintertime. To keep your child’s body warm, exercise is very important. It is important to make sure that, your child is doing enough physical activities during wintertime. Exercising daily is known for boosting blood circulation and immunity power. It also helps in maintaining body temperature during wintertime.

(4) Clothing

Winter is known for its low temperature and cold winds. A proper warm covering is essential to protect your child from cold winds. Layered clothing will help your child to adjust in the surrounding temperature. Make sure that, your child’s neck and ear should be covered properly.

You can divide your child’s clothing in to 3 layers, the first layer can be the normal t-shirt, the second layer can be the woolen cloth and the third layer can be the pullover.

(5)  Use Moisturizer

During the winter days, the skin tends to become dry due to bathing in hot water. And to ensure that the skin does not become dry parents can prefer to use moisturizer and massage it on the children’s bodies. This ensures that your child does not suffer from the problem of skin itching due to dry skin. You need to make sure that you use only the moisturizer that is made for children, as you can get numerous options for moisturizers in the market but some moisturizers are not suitable for children’s skin.

(6) Reduce the sugar intake

To ensure the proper health of children during the winter season, sugar quantity should be reduced in their diet. This is because increased consumption of sugar can cause a decrease in the fighting strength of the immune system and also in the systematic inflation in the body. As a result, children become more prone to suffer from the common cold, flu, etc.

In addition to your child’s healthcare, you can go for your child’s body massage with a body oil. Oil encounters dry and chapped skin in winter due to lack of hydration. Most doctors suggest that, giving three to four times bath in a week is more than enough for your child.

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