Faith can move mountains – A Story

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Faith can move mountains – A Story

There once lived a fourteen-year-old boy named Shubham in Kolkata. He lived with his parents and a younger sister. Shubham’s father worked in a government office and earned a handsome salary every month. Every year during the winter and summer vacation the family would plan an outing to a new place every time. They all lived happily together enjoying a lot but fate had something else in store for them. 

One day Shubham’s father received a transfer order where he was instructed to move to Pune. The sudden news of the father’s transfer left everyone shocked. Since Shubham and his sister were in the mid of their school half-yearly exams their transfer to another school could hamper their studies and therefore the parents decided that for the time being only Shubham’s father will shift to Pune the coming week. 

Finally, the day arrived and Shubham along with his mother and younger sister left for the railway station to see off their father. After settling in Pune Shubham’s father used to regularly call them in the evening. However, after a certain period, his father stopped calling them. Even Shubham and his mother were not able to get in touch with their father. They even called his office and landowner but none had any news about his father. 

In a state of despair, Shubham and his mother reached Pune but it seemed as if Shubham’s father had suddenly vanished into thin air and no one could give any news regarding his disappearance. Finally, Shubham and his mother lodged a missing person complaint in the police station. 

The police department tried their best and the search for Shubham’s father continued for two months but all efforts were in vain. The police finally were forced to conclude that Shubham’s father most probably has eloped on his own will and will never return and was forced to close the case. 

But Shubham knew that his father would never leave his family alone. His instinct said something terrible has happened to his father. He, therefore, decided that he will now find his father. 

Shubham uploaded his father’s photo on the social media platform, narrated the whole story, and appealed to everyone to contact him in case anyone has spotted his father in the last two months. After two days, early morning at 4 am Shubham received a call from an unknown number who claimed to have seen his father 45 days back and gave him the detailed address. 

Without wasting any second Shubham immediately left for the place. Upon reaching the address he was astonished to find that it was an old abandoned factory. With great hesitation and fear, he entered the factory and while searching the place he suddenly heard a muffled noise coming from one of the rooms. He followed the sound and on entering the room was shocked to find his father lying down with his hands, feet, and mouth tied. When he moved closer to his father he found that his father’s shirt was drenched in blood. Without wasting any time he immediately rescued his father and took him to the hospital. 

After recovering his father narrated the whole story wherein he stated that he was kidnapped by his business colleague who wanted to gain his father’s position in the office. A complaint was lodged and the culprit was finally arrested and Shubham happily returned home with his fully recovered father with a promise never to leave him alone again. 

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