Why having pets is so important in a child’s growth

Kid with Pet Photo by Katya Wolf from Pexels
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Why having pets is so important in a child’s growth

“Hum do, hamare ek” (We two, ours 1) is the new family model as the rising cost of living, education, and health make it extremely difficult to have more than one baby. In such a situation, when a child is deprived of any sibling to play with and share companionship, parents have resorted to having pets in the house. These pets play an important role in a child’s growth. Even in a joint family system with siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces, having pets helps in the overall development of children living in the house. Here are some reasons why having pets is so important in a child’s growth.

It teaches a child to share things

As a pet owner, a child would just love to share his/her things with a furry friend. From lunches, snacks to toys, a child would simply love sharing his things with his pet who, in return, will shower unconditional love to his master. Even in a joint family, children would take turns to serve food to their pet, and take care of it.


The best thing a child could learn from his pet, especially a dog, is empathy. A dog can understand when his master is sad, happy, depressed or cheerful. It jumps in joy when his master or the child is happy and cheerful. And when the child is sad or depressed, he will hug the baby or cuddle it to show he is with them wholeheartedly. In fact, a dog even cries when he sees his master weeps. Sharing pain comes naturally to pet dogs.


A sibling or cousin may provide companionship, but none better than a pet animal, especially a dog. When the master or the child returns from school, he or she will be greeted with extreme unconditional love by the pet, who will express how much it missed their presence in the house. The pets will just follow the child wherever he goes and will be like a constant companion to him, sharing the highs and lows of life together.

It teaches a child to be responsible

Keeping pets in the house is no easy task. There is the responsibility of taking care of the pets, from feeding, bathing, grooming to taking them out for a walk. When a child does these chores, it teaches him/her to be responsible, fulfil their obligations or daily tasks related to pets. These habits become second nature of the child and help him when he turns into an adult and has to fulfil his academic and professional goals.

Best friends

A child may be alone and lonely in the company of his classmates or friends, but never when he is with his pet. For a pet, his master is his universe and will go to any extent to be the best friend a child needs. The pet will always be there for his master and go to any extent to give unconditional friendship the child needs.

Hence, a pet not only helps in the child’s overall development but makes him/her a better human being as well.

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