How science and technology is transforming this world

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How science and technology is transforming this world

Science and technology are very impactful in our society and their impact is growing. They have made our life easier and it has improved human conditions and culture. It is so hard to imagine a life without technology. Science and technology has revolutionized the way we live our life by providing comfortable sleep, quick cooking, and fast communication.

        About 200 years ago the technological changes started in western society. Wind, water, and animal power was replaced by engine, which gave birth to the factories of industrial revolution. In the beginning of twentieth century, the progress was linked with the technological development. During those time science found the causes of diseases and their cures. Then computers came into our lives, the transistors made them smaller, more powerful, more accessible, and cheaper.

        All this happen due to simultaneous progress of science and technology. Science and technology are incomplete without each other. We cannot imagine a developed scientific field without technology and vice-versa.

Role of science and technology in transforming the world

  • Thought process and culture

Science and technology has influenced the direction of social need, attitudes, and values. Our thought process has become advanced through contribution of different culture, at different times in history due to technology. Today’s culture is a product of scientific point of view. It has encouraged people to think and analyze, before believing in something. Now social activities have a scientific mode of thinking. Now our thought process and culture are directly influenced by the research towards topics that will serve society. Today’s human civilization is based on data collection, observation, analysis, experimentation, and conclusion.

  • World economy and industry

It is widely accepted that science and technology is the key of economic growth. For the efficient production of better good, and services, technological growth is needed. Prosperity of any country or city depends on economic growth, and industrial growth. When science-based industry continues to develop it leads to decrease unemployment. The most mature-industries, automobile or construction industry are based on innovative science and technology. These industries play a major role in world’s stable economy.

  • Aids in Environmental protection

Now a days science and technology has improved in a way that, it can help in reducing the impact of global warming and climate change. Through science we can ensure sustainability, for example- biomaterials are used to store carbon dioxide, which can help to reduce the green house effect and global warming. Now developed technologies are used to clean the air to take care of our health. Farmers are using the technologies to increase their production. Science and technology help in good farming and a good farming is important for good rain.

        The life-style we are having now a days were just an idea. All this has become possible due to development of science and technology. It took years of research to bring this privileged stage of human civilization. Through science and technology today’s thought will be tomorrow’s reality.

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