Alphabet C has Shot to Prominence

Alphabets Photo by Aliko Sunawang from Pexels
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Alphabet C has Shot to Prominence

Have you noticed that the alphabet “C” has shot to prominence in this Covid-19 era?

No one expected that the alphabet “C” would play such a Completely overwhelming role Compared to any of the other alphabet..

Cough (C)
Cold (C)
Corona virus (C)
Covid-19 (C)
Case (C)
Confirmed (C)
Confinement (C)
Contamination (C)
Containment (C)
Curfew (C)

Two most serious “C”s are,
Cemetery (C)
Cremation (C)

The possible remedies are

The beauty is, it started from China (C)

But at the same time,
GOD smiled, and said…

Cleanliness (is the remedy…)
Courage (is the need of the hour…)
Compliance to the expert advice…
Contention to overcome the crisis…
Clarity of thought…
Cooperation with the fellow beings…
Caring for the needy…

and finally….

“Clearance” is awaited and in a short while..

“Cure” is definitely going to “Come”……

Till then take vitamin C..!!!

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