Importance of Own Karma

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Importance of Own Karma

Karma is a total overview of our life. It serves two major lessons within Indian moral philosophy such as best motivation to live a moralized life and it serves as the primary description of the existence of evil.

Here, in this article we will discuss what exactly karma is and the importance of it? Always remember the best quote ever about karma is “Karma is an action not a result”. Also Note the most famous quote is ‘what goes around comes around’ means what you do or what you say is always counting in the universe with magnetic energy to our respective creator god.

Try to believe that you are an exact product of what you consume. What you think or what you do is more important because it impacts on your energy within as well as inner strength. If it is good then in return you will get the same positive energy and vibes and if you think it is not good or consume bad emotions then it will surely produce negative vibes and negative energy, which is how it works.

Karma always supports each and every person no matter if it is good or bad. As we discussed, whatever comes from you will come back to you sooner or later with the laws of karma for sure. We all have to understand this law of karma to live, think, behave and consume positively as much as possible time.

Our own karma is very important to all of us because what you created is your karma , which is surely not given to you by anyone else, not by the universe, neither by god nor by your loved ones, it is your own doing and own creation. Today, in this hectic period of human life we are all suffering with hard times, difficulties and hard times. You will never know what someone is going through from these circumstances so always try to be kind with everyone to be positive and spread positivity as much as possible.

Karma says before you think that nobody loves you, remember that someone, somewhere, sometimes has secretly prayed for you and sacrificed for you, which mean you have someone who loves you, someone who wants your love, so be positive and be kind.


Karma is an action not a result. As we see, whatever we do will eventually come back to us with extreme energy as well as in different ways, example is recent covid-19 pandemic situation is the result of our did, our karmas with lives as well as with nature. Everybody must know now that we have the ability to change our own life with our good nature, positive intentions, and humble behavior to every life on the earth. Always try to think before you act and understand the laws of karma will eventually drive positively.

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