Five Tips For Testing The Freshness Of Your Fish

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Five Tips For Testing The Freshness Of Your Fish

Is Your Fish Fresh?

Most people in the world love to eat fish. But, when it comes to buying fish from the market, they all try to avoid doing the task and burden the task on another person’s shoulder for doing it. And, this is mostly done by those people who are inexperienced in buying fish. They do so because they don’t get the confidence of buying fresh fish from the market. Are you one of them? Then, read this write-up fully as it is going to help you with some tips that will enable you to buy fresh fish from the market from the next time. So, let’s start with the tips: 

1. Look If The Fish’s Flesh Is Firm And Shiny:

The skin of the fish you are going to buy must possess a genuine metallic glow. You must ensure very well that its skin is not looking dull. Besides, you must also test if the fish’s flesh is bouncing back when you touch it. Its skin’s surface must be right with tightly attached scales. If you see any piece of cracked skin on the fish or loose scales on its body, the fish is surely a rotting fish.

2. Puff The Fish:

Check by puffing the fish and discover whether there is any smell coming out of it. A fresh fish will always retain a mild scent and not a bad smell. If the fish you are going to buy is giving a strong and fishy odor along with a sour smell, just leave the fish there. Rotting fish always releases an organic compound named trimethylamine, whose smell is pungent as well as sharp. So, it’s not so hard to identify a rotting fish, isn’t it? After all, the smell will tell you everything about it.

3. Behold The Eyes Of The Fish:

This is, of course, one of the promising methods for checking the freshness of your fish. Its eyes will confide you a lot. By, seeing its eyes, you will understand very well if it is fresh or not. A fresh fish’s eyes always remain shiny, clear, and bulging. The fish whose eyes are cloudy or sunken is without any doubt, an old and refrigerated one. It is not at least fresh.

4. Notice The Fish’s Gills:

The gills of a fresh whole fish should be either bright pink or red in color. Also, it should be slightly wet. The fishes whose gills are slimy and dry are definitely not fresh.

5. Some Other Signs Of A Fresh Fish:

A fresh fish will never have any sort of skin discoloration. Also, its edges will not contain any brown/yellow sliminess. The fishes that don’t conform to these things are actually old fishes that have been stored for a long time. Besides, the old fishes will also comprise a spongy texture.

Wrapping Up:

So, after reading the piece of writing, have you gained confidence enough to go to the fish market? Well! We hope so! Don’t waste your time! Hurry! Run to the market and buy your favorite fish today. Also, astonish people with your fish selection talent that most of them have the least idea of! All the best!

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