What Is BTS Meal? Will McDonald’s Bring It Back For The BTS Fans Again?

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What Is BTS Meal? Will McDonald’s Bring It Back For The BTS Fans Again?

Know Everything About BTS Meal

Heard about different kinds of meals, like afternoon meals, evening meals, etc, right? But, what is a BTS meal? Have you ever heard about this meal?

BTS Meal:

It’s a meal sold by McDonald’s (an international fast food restaurant) in alliance with BTS, the all-famous pop music South Korean boys band. The meal has been specifically brought about by McDonald’s for the buffs of BTS. It has been introduced on 26th May 2021 in some selected countries (nearly 50 countries), though the meal has recently been stopped selling by the store due to the pandemic issues.

The meal comprises a package of Chicken McNuggets, a medium-sized coca-cola, medium French fries, and 2 spicy sauces for dipping (sweet chili, cajun). The meal is extremely famous among the band’s fans and followers, who are die-hard lovers of the BTS members.

The sauces in the meal box will give a slight kick to your meal with their sweet and sour flavors. Especially, the Cajun sauce possessing hot mustard with peppers as well as chili will bestow you a sensation of heat that will make your day.

Also, you will cherish the crispy French fries and the relaxing ice-cold drink of cola in this meal. Just as the 7 members of the pop band make their band complete, the meal is also completed with all the food items that are packaged in the meal. So, due to the popularity of the Korean boys’ band, the sales of this meal are very high.

Has This Meal Been Discontinued By McDonald’s?

Yes, the BTS Meal is no longer available at the MacDonald’s store. However, MacDonald’s has recently indicated through a Twitter post that though it has temporarily stopped the availability of this package, it will be available again in the MacDonald’s store very soon considering the fans’ yearnings.

Hearing this indication from MacDonald’s, the fans of BTS members are super-excited now. They are counting the days for the comeback of this meal for themselves again. So, the pop band’s ARMY has to hold their patience a little more until the fast-food chain again makes the comeback of this meal.

Some Miscellaneous Information On This Meal:

The meals for the BTS fans come at approximately 4 dollars and you can get them from MacDonald’s by opting for McDelivery, Dine-in, Take-out, or Drive Through. The meal is an emblem of the increased normalization of the worldwide media.

The meal will melt in your mouth like butter. It’s as smooth as the BTS Butter song. However, you will find the sauces somewhat spicy, along with the taste of sweetness in one sauce.

The countries which were originally selected for selling the meal are the USA, the Bahamas, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Paraguay, Sint Maarten, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. However, by late June, almost 50 countries were included in the list for this meal delivery.

The Indonesian massive crowds in the Covid-19 pandemic have led to the closure of the outlets of McDonald’s. Whereas in Singapore, a system was made to deliver the meal at the customers’ places to about crowding at its outlets. At last on 20th June 2021, the meal was discontinued.

The BTS fans were utterly disappointed by it and so, thinking about them, McDonald’s has recently hinted about the comeback of this meal again. It has left the fans with some hope and they are happy about it.

Wrapping Up:

So, what are you thinking about? Being a BTS fan, are you also eagerly waiting for the return of the BTS meal? Well! Your dream is soon going to become reality as McDonald’s is not going to disappoint the fans of BTS anymore. Do follow our site and we will let you know when the meal will really be available again.

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