3 Short Moral Stories

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3 Short Moral Stories

Imagination is an essential stage in the formation of the mind of a kid. A child’s intellect is constantly keen to discover new facts about the environment. Hearing tales improves your child’s perception, capacity to think, and power of imagination. Habits of hearing and reading encourage their reading habits and listening abilities in the future and contribute to increasing eloquence in the future.

Nowadays, youngsters have less chance of spending time with elders and listening to classics and moral tales that build up their character and attitude to society and to life. In this manner, parents may spend a good time with their children, telling or reading a lot of fascinating as well as moral tales, to keep them away from the swelling effect of their hour’s online activities or to rescue them from loneliness and loneliness.

Our culture is rich with fascinating and moral histories to educate youngsters on how many behaviors and beliefs are important and necessary. We provide you with some of the finest classic and famous tales in order to offer your children a good night.

Most committing moral stories for your precious child in English

Wisdom and current understanding are the keys to life’s success. Things may not always be within our grasp, but we may spare ourselves from difficulties by performing the correct work at the right time and place. Crow is regarded as a smart bird. On a hot summer day, we’ll observe how he organizes water.

1. The Crow and The Cross

The Crow and the Stories of the Pitchers

It was a sparkling summer day in the afternoon. The lakes and ponds were almost dry. There wasn’t a cloud that was seen. The sun burned fiercely. A thirsty crow flew over an area that was long abandoned. The crow searched for a well or any refuge here and there. But alas! But alas! There was nobody in the vicinity.

The crow discovered an earthen pot at a distance under a tree. His heart was filled with pleasure, and he looked into it with great hope. At the bottom of the saucepan was a little water. The crow attempted to reach the water with its beak, but without success. His little beaks couldn’t reach the water level.

The crow looked with discrepancy here and there, and finally, he discovered some Peebles scattered across the ground. The crow made a strategy and began to meet Peebles. One by one he grabbed them and filled with them the pot. The water level slowly climbed to the pot’s edge. Then the crow satisfied his thirst and flew away.

The tale of the smart crow tells us that in hardship we must stay cool and utilize our knowledge to overcome the problem. The tale recounts the famous saying, that where a will is, there is a way.

Moral: Wisdom helps individuals not only to endure difficult circumstances but also assists others in their environment. We’ll see in the following tale how a tiny rabbit overcame a big lion with his cleverness and rescued all forest creatures.


LOOK THE WELL The tale of the lion

Once upon a time, there was a mighty Lion, the jungle king. The Lion was extremely strong, yet he was frightened of other creatures in the forest. The Lion killed little animals in order to fulfill his appetite. The creatures of the forest pleaded to the lion to rescue themselves and asked him to kill and devour one animal each day, brought to him like a prayer.

The Lion consented, and one animal was brought to him every day for his meal. So, small bunnies were given to darling and birds to fulfill his appetite. The number of creatures in the forest began to decline over time, and the animals spent days in dread and awaited their turn.

A rabbit was delivered to the Lion one day. But the rabbit did not reach the Lion at the anticipated time, and the Lion starved restlessly. The furious Lion questioned when the rabbit came, “Why are you so late? Do you realize the terrible implications of waiting so long for me?” The tiny rabbi sat on the floor with his hands clasped and said to the Lion, “Please forgive me, Lord. I began with 4 of my buddies at the appropriate moment. But a Lion stronger than you have halted us on the road and ate four of them. I’ve been able to escape to your service.”

The proud and mighty Lion could not accept a second in the same forest who had the strength to devour his meal. The Lion was blind in wrath, and the rabbit commanded, “Take me to the Lion. I’m going to teach him lessons. I am the sole monarch in this forest, and I should serve all of the creatures.”

The rabbit grinned and brought the Lion to a local pub. The Lion began growling loudly and summoned the second Lion to fight. The smart rabbit said to the Lion, “My master, the Lion is within the pool, and he won’t get out until you kill him inside the pool.” The stupid Lion leaped into the well to slay his adversary and perished in the well. So the clever rabbit rescued the gullible and nasty Lion from his jungle.

So we can see that knowledge is the only method to combat arm strength, and if you are intelligent, it is easier and more percussive to conquer obstacles. Clever thinking may help us overcome difficult circumstances occasionally. Sometimes our success in life relies on how we deal with a circumstance that is out of our control.

The moral of the tale is, Wit is powerful.

The following tale is about a cap-seller and how he got his caps back from the nonsensical and bizarre monks.


On a warm day afternoon, a cap-seller sold caps in a hamlet. He was weary and sat beneath a large tree for some rest. This tree was the home of a large number of monkeys, and one of the mischievous monkeys unzipped a bag to find multicolored caps while the cap-seller slept. They believed the caps were playing and they grabbed the upper branches.

When the vendor rose in the evening, he discovered his bag nearly empty. He was extremely disappointed and began to look for the hats. Suddenly he saw a few monkeys playing on the trees with hats. As the cap seller began to surrender, the yield returned to him, and that made the guy angrier.

He began tossing cake, while the monks tossed fruit from the branches. The cap-seller was amazed and devised a plan. He began to wear a hat and tossed it on the floor. The monkeys began to imitate him and soon all the caps were thrown on the ground. The merchant picked up all the hats and smiled back home.

Moral: This tale teaches us that knowledge is a powerful weapon. You should constantly keep your mind calm and concentrate on overcoming the issue.

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