10 healthy habits to follow every day

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10 healthy habits to follow every day

Health is a gift from God, which everyone receives at birth, but few nourish it daily with practicing some healthy habits. We cannot deny, it is one of the most precious savings of life which is now very much evident in the present scenario of pandemic spread.

These healthy habits have personally helped me immensely to find inner peace and made me empowered to fight the daily hustle with a positive attitude.

So, let’s give a look into the 10 healthy habits to follow every day.

1) Leave your bed early.

Waking up early keeps you one step ahead from others to start your day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. All great leaders and successful personalities wake up at the ripe hour of 4-5 am.

The silence and serenity of the atmosphere at dawn gives positive energy and helps to focus your mind uninterrupted of any hustles. Starting your day before the crowd awakens will fetch you extra hours for your day to utilize in your self-development. Discipline is what sculpts your future personality.

2) Eat healthy.

Healthy habit starts with healthy foods. Those mouth-watering fries with extra cheese is an absolute no-no. Include more and more fruits and vegetables in your plate. Indulge in salads, smoothies, stews, soups and say no to high calorie junks. It is wisely said, ” eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”.

Your eating habits make you who you are, both physically and internally. Leave the table when you feel full, even if your plate is not empty. Over-eating leads to uneasiness the entire day and ultimately to obesity in a long run. Restrain from alcoholic beverages and smoking which are instant pleasures that not only weighs heavily on your pockets but also lowers your immunity, hence making you susceptible to several diseases.

Bonus: Having a few minutes of brisk walk after dinner helps in improving your digestion and prevents the feeling of stomach fullness.

3) Workout.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. You may not find time to hit the gym, but simple stretching and practicing yoga for few minutes daily is all what will keep you energized all day long. Always try to keep your muscles active by opting for stairs instead of elevators and bicycle instead of private cars for work (if time permits). Most importantly, practice maintaining a good posture while at work or at home.

4) Wear a smile.

A smile wins everyone’s heart and spreads positive vibes. The hectic day full of meetings, appointments, deadlines, yelling from your boss is easily brightened by just a smile. What can be a healthy habit, other than helping others to elevate their mood and support their mental health?

Often people spend money to join a laughter club to smile and laugh, why not practice it for free on a daily basis? Facing any difficulty with a positive attitude and your beautiful smile helps you win any battle. Don’t forget to keep a good relationship with your peers and friends. A peaceful mind with no enemies is what everyone desires, why not take baby steps to establish it.

5) Drink more water.

Staying hydrated full day is the healthy habit you can easily adapt within few days. Keep the bottle filled up in the vicinity of your eyes to remind you to drink water often. Now you can get several apps to remind you of hydrating yourself at regular intervals.

Green tea, low-calorie fruit juices and unsweetened coffee are also beneficial for health. Drinking more and more water not only keeps you healthy but also rejuvenates your skin and helps it glow from within. While, you are reading it, drink some water dear.

6) Take a break.

One can never be productive all day without a break. Recreation is very much important for balancing work and social life. Move out with your friends and family, engage in sports activities, listen to your favorite song or simply cuddle your pet and play with them.

These stress busters recharge your mind and keeps you going the entire day with revived spirit. Also, self-love is very important among healthy habits. Spare some time only for you. Do whatever your heart wants. The world looks beautiful when you appreciate your presence in it.

Mental health is the most neglected section still now, so come forward if you need help and also lend a helping hand to whoever needs it. Simply listen to them, that’s the easiest and the life-saving thing you can do for them.

7) Quality time with family.

Just go and hug your parents or partner or your grandparents or even your kids. Time spent with family is what is worthy of all the hard tiresome days of earning in the office.

Every single moments of hugging or chatting with your mom and dad helps in the release of serotonin, the happy hormone. We often get engulfed into our lives so much that we start prioritizing work before families, here begins all the problems.

The children often lacks the love and attention of their working parents and are often pushed into depression and anxiety disorders at a very young age. Promise to shut down your laptops on weekends and just listen to your child’s imaginary stories. Believe me, it’s one of the most precious and lovely moment, cherish it.

8) Read a book.

As it’s said “what books you read today, decide who you will become tomorrow”. World leaders like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg advises the aspiring future billionaires to read at least 50 pages a day of any self-development books. Books play a very crucial role in a person’s life. It builds the self personality and develops the character of whom they would be in the coming future. So, go grab a book and dive into it’s beautiful words.

9) Log out of social media.

Social media does more harm than good to the young minds. A world of comparison and hatred which we go on scrolling needlessly in the name of relaxing is actually a burden to us in disguise. Detoxing your mind by logging out of all the social media platforms once in a while is definitely a healthy habit.

Often you start to envy others unknowingly by scrolling through their latest job profiles and establishments. You must keep up with your friends on social media but only when doesn’t hamper your peace of mind.

10) Sleep tight.

There is no alternative to getting the right amount of sleep daily. This relaxes your body and nourishes your brain to tackle another day full of stress. Sound sleep of 6-8 hours is sufficient to make your energy level bloom up. Experts often say, 6 minutes of power nap in between work is one of the best way to instantly get energized for the rest of the day.


The Pareto’s Principle or 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of focus on certain aspect yields 80% of the results. Developing a healthy habit often takes immense time and perfect discipline, but in a long run puts you ahead of your companions. So, the choice is yours.

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