A Doll Auction – Story

A Doll Auction – Story
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Dolls Auction – A Story

During the lockdown period in India, everyone was stuck at home for a long time. There was a dolls auction announced by a celebrity. The celebrity has been saving children since childhood and after every successful operation has been buying a doll for herself.

As many of the people were jobless and at home, she decided to contribute some amount for the needy. An advertisement was given with time of auction.

Neha participated in the auction for the first time and purchased a teddy. The amount was transferred immediately to the bank account of foundation. A promise was made to send signed autographed letter of the celebrity and that the celebrity would also speak to auction participants for twenty minutes personally.

This was followed by another auction. Neha participated again and purchased a doll this time. She transferred the amount to the account.
During the last week another auction was held. Neha this time purchased another teddy.

After the lockdown life became normal and Neha was expected her teddy as well as doll. She received two items after a long time. But to her disappointment, she did not receive the letter as well as call. On asking the contact person, she was informed that online speaking would not be possible but autographed letters would be definitely sent.
Neha had always heard that goof things need to be done silently and no one should know about it.

But the celebrity advertised her every action, she also indicated to the world that with every concert she has been saving lives and plans to do the same. Neha found this impressive but she wondered “Why should these things be publicized?”.

Well, the whole showbiz world appears to glitter but isn’t so glamourous as it looks from far. Over a period of some days, Neha heard the news of many celebrities ending their lives and found it sad. No one in the world was ready to share their piece of slice with others. Those who did showed it to the whole world.

True assistance and love need not to displayed public ally. Good gestures are done silently without anyone knowing about it and without expecting any returns from them. If we expect something in return it is a business transaction and not a help.

These were Neha’s views. Humanity needs no certificate from anyone. It is done so that it soothes your own soul and pleases the universal force which is present in everything.

Neha continues to wait for her last teddy and the autographed letters…

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