The Pizza & Lord Shiva- Short Story

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Pizza – A Short Story

One day a boy named Sonu was angry on his mother and was not talking to her. He lived in a small village called Dholakpur and he goes to local School.

Yesterday his friend Raju tells his classmates about his trip to Mumbai. Raju visited Mumbai with his father. He was from a wealthy family and head of village. But Sonu lived with his mother and he have nothing to show to the class.   

Raju boosted the class about Mumbai, how they sat in the metro, how he saw a film on a large TV and they eat a very delicious dish called pizza.

Raju tells it was so delicious that he wanted to eat it daily. Sonu asked Raju “why didn’t you bought little pizza for us “.   

“Huh are you mad Sonu…….hahahahahahah”. 

“I am not mad and why are you laughing” said Sonu

“You want to eat pizza do you know how much it costs, poor like you can’t even afford one sight of pizza”.

Now whole class started laughing at Sonu. But he had not done anything wrong, he just wanted to eat little pizza and thinks all people are so bad.

Sonu announced that he will bring pizza tomorrow as he can afford it.  Sadly with such a fatuous expression he left school.

Sonu even wanted to cry but he didn’t knew his mother will solve everything and knew his mom will bring him a pizza.

Sonu went to home  and  mother asks him “what happened beta why are u making such face”. 

“Ma why aren’t we rich everyone hates poor people”

“No beta everyone hates rich people they are bad people and no one hates you beta”. 

“Ma will you bring me some pizza, I want to show everyone in the class”  “Ohhh I will bring it beta, bit tell me, What is this ‘Pizza’ and where can you bought it”   

Then Sonu tell mother how pizza looks like and how Raju got one in Mumbai. But poor mother, she knew such costly thing, she can’t get him. she still tired to make him happy. “Don’t worry beta Arun mama will bring one for you, come and eat and then you can go and play with your friends”.

Sonu ate and went to play with his friends. Sonu was out mother tried to make pizza at home by her own hands she make a dough and make a pizza from roti dough with jamun toppings on.    

Arun mama was Sonu’s neighbor as he came to meet, Sonu’s mother told him the story and asks him to give this pizza. Arun mama did as she told him. Sonu came hurrying to home, as soon as he saw Arun mama, He came running towards mama.   

“Maaamaaaa did you bring my pizza”.    “Yes Sonu I did, I got u a large pizza for your whole class” and showed him the homemade papers wrapped Pizza.  “Thank you mama you are the best” But then Sonu saw the dough and cut Jamuns.  He asked “Mama did your pizza have Jamuns”.

“Yes beta it have tasty Jamuns”.    “I know, you don’t bought a pizza, it made by mam and I hate you both”   while  saying Sonu left to his room.   Mother got sad, what can she do with this pizza? she knew Sonu was a child and he will understand later.

Lord Shiva

She get the pizza and went to the shiva temple outside the village. She tell her pain to god shiva and how she can’t see his child unhappy. She kept the pizza in the temple in front of shiva . Later she got home and went to sleep. 

Sonu woke up and he didn’t wanted to talk to mother. So he wore his uniform and started walking towards the shiva temple. Arun mama saw him and started following him. Sonu went to the temple and sat on the stairs. He started muttering and telling everything to god.   

And Sonu said  “Please god I just want one pizza”  suddenly he heard a voice   “Sonu my boy I heard your are being a bad boy these days”.  Sonu surprised and whispered “god are you talking to me”.

Sonu was so happy his little smile was back again first time in life he heard god’s voice he replied  “No god shiva, I am not being a bad boy but my mother is”.  “There are no bad mothers my boy you should say sorry to her and promise me that you behave to be a good boy again, will you?”.

So nu said, “Then you will you give me the pizza”? “Of course my child I will now come here take your pizza and remember to respect your mother”.
Sonu run inside and saw that their was a pizza he had nothing to get sad now he get that pizza and run towards the school.   

Sonu went to school and showed the pizza to everyone he was so happy but Raju was jealous of him. Raju laughed and said   “Haha this mad Sonu bought this thing this is not a pizza”.    “Hey you it doesn’t mean if you are rich then you can get pizza and I can’t this is a real pizza god shiva gave it to me”     

“Did you saw him, you saw god shiva! you lier”. “I am not a lier, everyone who want to laugh, please do and who wants to eat a real pizza, then come and eat”. Anyone in the class who have not seen pizza, believed Sonu and went to eat.    Everyone started eating and thanking Sonu for Pizza.

Sonu have became rich in everyone’s thought except Raju and was about to cry. Sonu remembered his promise to be a good boy  and  invited Raju to eat.

Raju came and said   “This pizza is more tasty than one I have tasted”.  Everyone finished pizza while enjoying their small conversations Raju never boosted in front of anyone and Sonu never hurt his mother.

 Indeed the pizza was same cooked by Sonu’s mother and the voice of God was Arun mama’s. But it made Sonu happy and created a path to respect and love elders.

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