A Parable from Swami Ramtheerth – The Wise Wife

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Yajnavalkya, a rich man, had two wives whose names were Katyayini and Maitreyi. He decided to renounce the world and all its pleasures, and go away to a forest for meditation. He divided all his property into two equal parts and offered them to his wives.

Maitreyi was a wise woman. She thought, ‘Why should my husband decide to go away to the forest, leaving his luxurious lifestyle and all his wealth behind? Obviously, it is because he expects to find something blissfully greater there. Would anyone deliberately exchange a happy life for one filled with ordeals?’

Maitreyi told her husband: “You are a learned man; it is your knowledge that urges you to abandon your affluent life and seek self-realisation. Instead of bestowing your wealth on me, please share your knowledge with me.”

Yajnavalkya gave away his entire fortune to Katyayini. Maitreyi accompanied him to the forest where she received his spiritual wealth.

A right decision at the right time will result in a greater benefit.

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