A negative image of mathematics teachers

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It is simple arithmetic that helped Arthur Clarke to arrive at a solution to the millennium mystery. Probably you all would like to learn mathematics from him, and not your teacher.

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Researchers attached to a university in England thought of a unique study: suspecting that children invariably do not like their mathematics teachers, they prompted some 300 children of 12 and 13 years to draw how their teachers appeared to them. Except for a few, the portraits were not very complimentary to them!

Some of the prominent features were bald heads, beards, spectacles, wrinkles on their foreheads, as cowl on their faces, and a pair of fear-some horns!

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Some of the remarks made by the children included: “mathematicians have no friends, except other mathematicians”;

“they areshort-tempered”;

“they have no sociallife”;

“they force children to do sums at gun-point” etc, etc.

The researchers are now trying to give a better image to maths teachers. The 300children were drawn from Britain, Sweden, Norway, Fin-land, Germany, Romania, India and the USA

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