Come And Plant A Tree

Tree Photo by Pixabay from Pexels:
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Plant a tree to save the world,
Plant a tree to save the earth.
In its branches, stories unfurl,
A testament to nature’s worth.

The tree, a guardian tall and true,
Provides shelter, a haven to all.
Its branches, like arms, reaching through,
A symphony of life in nature’s thrall.

Roots delve deep in the soil’s embrace,
Anchoring the earth with resilient grace.
Leaves whisper secrets, a gentle trace,
Nature’s wisdom in every place.

Cleansing the air with leafy might,
A breath of freshness, a pure delight.
In the dance of branches, birds take flight,
A vibrant ecosystem, day and night.

Fruits and nuts, a bountiful feast,
Gifts from the tree, a nature’s lease.
Sustaining life, a harmonious piece,
In the shade, all creatures find release.

So, plant a tree, let it grow,
In its branches, let hope bestow.
For in each leaf, a promise to sow,
A greener, thriving world to show.

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