Lemon Tea:  Taste & Health Combined

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Lemon Tea:  Taste & Health Combined

In summer, I like to have lemon tea. It really refreshes me. However, there is a caution involved with it. Don’t drink it in empty stomach.

Lemon tea is a boon for all of us but it over consumption can be bad for health. To prepare lemon tea, first you arrange few things. Like sugar, fresh lemon cut into few pieces and water.

I am just a perfect gourmet for all type of cuisines, drinks and all types of tea preparation. Apart from my milk tea and coffee in winter, lemon tea also give me yummy taste.

For me, to have warm lemon tea everyday is essential.

Every sip of lemon tea is wonderful. I cannot tell you how lemon tea is special for me.

Lemon tea is very good for the human heart as it can prevent various cardiac problems and also prevent heart stroke.

I am pretty sure that every cup is full of nutrition.

This tea gives me classic feelings. In market different type of lemon tea is available. Lemon tea is black tea. Lemon tea is popular in hot summer. It increases my appetite.

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Health Benefits of Lemon Tea

1 It Is Source of Vitamin C– Lemon tea is made with lime juice. Apart from vitamin C pills, one of the best way consume vitamin c is to drink this tangy tea. It is a rich source of magnesium.

A cup of lemon tea, especially in summer, relaxes our body and mind.

2 Good for Digestion- According to me it is best tea to have after meal. In simple, way we can   categorize lemon tea as a natural source to boost our immune system. If we are over weight, lemon tea can help us reduce our body fat.

3 Why should We Consume Lemon Tea- Lemon tree is an evergreen tree. We all are lucky to have enough lemon in market.

Mainly, in summer lemon tea is more in demand. People do not like milk tea every time. Real tea lover explore all types of tea like milk tea, ice tea, lemon tea and ginger tea.

They are all precious for health, well being and taste.

4 I love Lemon Tea- I love to have lemon tea in my favorite cup because it calms me. I personally like it with lots of sugar. But if you fitness freak then don’t add so much sugar in your tangy tea.

 When, I suffer from anxiety, a cup of lemon tea refreshes my body, mind and nerves.

Lemon tea is also an amazing source of calcium which is vital for our bone. My idea is to do something good in our health with help of lemon tea.

So I spread this knowledge among the people. Let them know the idea that a few drops of lemon in tea is helpful for their life.  

5 One of the Refreshing Teas

It has some essential properties which is also good for our skin. Lemon tea consumption can be a natural way to prevent our face from acne and pimples. This tangy tea also helps our body to remain cholesterol free. Lemon tea is anti cancer, it prevents osteoarthritis, diabetes and many other serious diseases.

6 Few Drops of Lemon Tea

Believe me, lemon tea can a part of your joyful living.

We are grateful to tea tasters for different types of tea tasting.

The lemon tea does not need anything special or hard work to prepare it. Making of tea is quite easy. But it is very useful when you feel your energy level is low.

I have lemon tea with my near and dears ones.

Lemon tea cannot work in overnight as far as its benefits are concerned. Gradually it works on your body. You notice its good effects after a few weeks of its regular consumption.

Lemon mint ice tea also is an option for the tea lover in summer. In hot weather when people don’t like to have tea or coffee with milk, this can be the best option.

In the hustle bustle of our daily life, lemon tea can be a stress buster.

I have big huge collection of cups in my kitchen for lemon tea. This tea is my inner strength.

I advise you guys try it.

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