The Natural Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer – 5 Fruitful Strategies Unveiled

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The Natural Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer – 5 Fruitful Strategies Unveiled

The heat waves of summer are increasing day by day globally with the increase of deforestation and pollution. And, the sufferers are none other than us, the humans! Yes, planting trees will save you from the earth’s devastation and heat waves. But, the process is long and the effort requires a substantial amount of time to be fruitful!

So, isn’t there any instant way for now to save us from the scorching heat of summer and keep our bodies calm and relaxed? After all, everyone can’t afford air conditioners at their home and so requires some natural ways to avoid heat strokes by staying cool! Of course, there are ways! Here are the 5 natural tactics through which you can win against the heat in summer…keep reading!

1. Bring various essential oils into play:

Menthol is famous for its cooling and refreshing properties. So, essential oils (for example, Peppermint oil and Spearmint oil) that encompass menthol in them are promising antidotes for heat. They keep your body refreshed and cool even in the midst of the outrageous heat in summer.

Purchase a diffuser from your local store and pour some drops of essential oils into it. Now, diffuse the oils within your house’s indoor atmosphere to get a cooling effect. You can also carry the diffuser containing essential oils with you and spray the oils on your body while traveling to any place. 

In case you want some event-specific scents for your body or the party room, mixing different scented oils and adding them to the diffuser will help.

2. Dive into a swimming pool:

Is there anything better than submerging yourself in a cold water body on a heated summer day? It’s one of the best ways to exercise your body and yet stay cool and sweat-free! Also, keeping your body immersed in a swimming pool, a kid pool or a bathtub for a long time prevents your body from getting stressed due to the heat of summer and thus reduces the risk of heat strokes.

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3. Apply cold compresses on your body’s key zones:

Getting your body sometimes superheated in summer is usual but treating it on time is necessary. So, whenever you feel that the heat is unbearable and your body has soaked it enough, go for some cold compresses, especially on your body’s vital parts like the neck, wrist, forehead, etc.

If you have a refrigerator at your home and have ice packs in it, you can also make use of those packs to your benefit. But, remember, never apply the ice directly over your skin as it may result in ice burn. The best way to apply ice on your body is by wrapping them in a towel or other clothing. In such a case, the cloth will form a protective cover between the ice and your skin, thus saving your skin from ice burning.

4. Eat and drink cool:

Eating or drinking something cool in summer doesn’t necessarily mean intaking refrigerated foods or drinks all the time. It means consuming foods that though of normal temperature, cool down the internal system of your body, once they travel within your stomach.

Such diets include fresh green veggies and ripe summer fruits, curd, bitter and astringent foods, etc. Also, never stop intaking water in summer otherwise you will get dehydrated. Besides, it’s always better to avoid salty and spicy foods in summer as they make your body hot from within instead of cooling it.

5. Resort to meditation:

The summer heat makes our body hot physically and our heated and tired body in turn induces our mind to get stressed and heated. A stressed and anxious mind further invites many ailments or physical problems that, with time, become hard to tackle without medications. Now, the matter is, why should we resort to medication for calming down our body and mind when a few minutes of meditation can do the job easily?

What we need in our life mostly to stay fit physically and mentally is to breathe some air of happiness and peace, that meditation alone can give. Manage some time every day in your hectic life for rest and meditation. Believe us! Even 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation or deep breathing will give you a strong relief and keep you going for the entire day. So, don’t medicate yourself…instead, meditate!

Wrapping Up:

Hey! What are you waiting for? Try the tactics mentioned by us this summer and enjoy it in a completely different way.

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