Blood Test – A Story

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Blood Test – A Story

Sanjana was very fond of food. After completing her studies , she had started working. She was a happy go lucky girl. While traveling from Bengaluru to Madurai by train in a first class compartment, she found herself alone. She closed her eyes and sat for a while. Just then she saw an elderly person. It seems he was alone in the neighboring compartment and had come to give her company.

He opened the newspaper, closed it making hustling sound. After a while he dropped something which made noise and picked it up. Sanjana opened her eyes. The elderly person asked “I hope you are not getting disturbed”. She replied ” Not at all uncle. I am happy you are sitting here and giving me company”. The elderly person asked “What do you do? “. She replied ” I have completed my studies and will be joining job next month”.

The elderly person kept asking questions one after the other. Sanjana said after a while ” Uncle my station is going to come. I have to prepare myself to get down”. Soon her station came and she heaved a sigh of relief as her interview was over.

She reached home and her brothers as well as parents were happy to see her. She freshened up and then had a cup of coffee with her parents. While studying she had started having lot of tea about ten cups is what she told her parents. They were shocked and asked her to stop it immediately. As a result of this, she had gained weight also.

For the job she had to get her medical test done. Her blood test comprised of about twelve tests renal, thyroid, blood sugar, calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin d etc. On seeing her report she was a bit worried. Her tests had parameters which needed to be controlled. Rest were fine.

She had a month’s time to join. She left tea immediately, started doing yoga specially suryanamaskaar about six times. As a result she slowly started losing weight. It is unhealthy to lose weight all of a sudden. It results in deposition of fat in liver and causes fatty liver. She also did breathing exercises and ate healthy food like fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

In a month she had lost five kgs and got tested again. This time everything was normal. Before starting her journey of life she had realized “health is wealth”. The saying that ” Man loses health to make money and then loses money to regain health” made sense to her.

In today’s world, we neglect ourselves due to paucity of time. Learn to appreciate yourself, love yourself and stay healthy. That’s the real secret of happiness and everything else will fall in place sooner or later.

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