Excitement to Meet the Prime Minister of India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji
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Excitement to Meet the Prime Minister of India

Rahul worked for the government. He had just joined a year ago. He loved his country, wished to contribute for its betterment and therefore stayed back in India while all his friends went away abroad to earn.

He had passed from one of the best colleges in India and after clearing the civil services was posted. He loved his work. He had spent most of his childhood studying and had no time to watch movies, listen to songs or play. After joining his job at an age of 21, he had started having fun.

Everyone in the world wants to live a king size life full of comfort, ease and fame. However only those who work hard intelligently are able to make it to the top. Dreams come true if you keep chasing them. To solve a problem, we need to find many ways. Each way has to be tried out.

People may ignore you , they won’t even speak to you and neither help you in anyway.

However if your goal is fixed tiny disappointments do not matter. You will slowly find a way out. Nelson Mandela’s famous saying is “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.There will be situations when you feel helpless, in such a case you are your own guide. Focus and think about another way to crack the problem.

Rahul passed by the Vigyan bhawan New Delhi everyday on the way to his office. He wondered “I wish to attend a seminar or event here one day”. The conference arena is normally used for the prime minister or cabinet ministers. One day he got an invitation to attend the launch of national logistics policy by the prime minister. He was overjoyed.

The security checks are very intense in such areas. The special protection group comprising of fifty people seal the area four hours in advance. They bring sniffer dogs who check each and every corner. Jammers are fitted in the whole area.Proximity pass is issued after checking the records since childhood. It ensures that one can be near the prime minister.

Rahul entered the Vigyan bhawan. There he again went through the security checks at various places before entering the hall. Before the prime minister arrived, the special protection group (SPG) checked the seminar hall and the exhibition area once again. All doors of the hall were closed and the spg representatives were stationed at every door.

The stage was checked again. microphone was checked. Glass was filled with water by the SPG and kept on the table. The prime minister arrived after two more SPG entered the hall. There were lot of commandos stationed around the whole area.

Rahul was amazed to see the whole security arrangements. It was a special day as it was the prime minister’s birthday. As soon as PM came all stood up and gave him a standing ovation. The compering was done by a lady and she wished the PM happy birthday on behalf of all.

Prime minister launched the national logistics policy. This was followed by his speech. He said this policy will automate the logistic department. With Robotics and ULIP(unified logistics interface platform) seven ministries will provide information to the cargo companies for transporting goods. The drone laws also have been relaxed so that they can be used in hilly areas to provide medicines and emergency supplies.

The prime minister also said he aims to setup this national logistics policy under the aegis of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and wishes that goods reach the last mile at the speed with which cheetah moves.

Everyone gave a standing ovation as they found the ideas of the pm highly impressive and crystal clear.
Rahul had a wonderful experience to see the prime minister closely and speak to him. After the program the PM left. Rahul visited the exhibition hall, had high tea and left the Vigyan bhawan after seeing everything.

It was a beautiful day for him.

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