Old Age Problems – A Story

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Old Age Problems – A Story

Kanta came home from office. Her office was about thirty kilo meters. She travelled by metro everyday. Her elderly parents stayed with her. Her brother also was in depression. Kanta’s mother was very active. But soon she complained of eye vision problem. Kanta’s brother took her to an ophthalmologist who checked and said there is emergency.

Kanta immediately took her mother to a famous hospital where her eye scan was done and many testes. The doctor said that she has macloderma and her retina needs to be operated immediately. She was operated the next day and Kanta then took her mother home. Her mother healed slowly and till then food was cooked by maid. Kanta’s father kept fighting with her mother.

He was very jealous of her getting the attention pf everyone at home and outside. Kanta explained to her mother that he had schizophrenia where in people are aggressive and suspicious. Her mother recovered after two months. Kanta’s office also made her work a lot. She longed some rest but God gave everything to man and rest in the bottom lay. Kanta’s neighbor expired suddenly. Her parents went there and the next day her mother became very ill.

She fell down and couldn’t get up. Her head was dizzy. Because of which she couldn’t even move to another room. When Kanta reached home her mother was speaking sto someone over phone and said she was sick. Kanta ran to the homeopathic doctor got her medicine and gave her liquid every ten minutes. After one and half hour she gave her some khitchdi.

Her mother felt better and slept. Next day Kanta stayed at home to take care of her mother. Her mother seemed fine. It appeared like vertigo. She realized when you are young and strong time passes away in a second. The most difficult stage of life is old age. When you don’t have much strength to fight and need people today there is no one. Neighbors sometimes help but otherwise children are also busy in their own world.

Help the elderly, treat them with love as they need us more than anyone else in the world.

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