Improve your Life-value with Being as Self-esteemed

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Improve your Life-value with Being as Self-esteemed

   Self-esteem plays an important role in the personality formation and development of human being. Self esteem is a proper assessment of oneself towards oneself. What we think about ourselves, the sense of self-confidence that we are capable of doing what we are capable of doing efficiently and successfully. Therewith, development of talent, attainment of competence is the basis of self-esteem.

What is self-esteem?

   Self esteem is a firm attitude to oneself. Self esteem is a term used in psychology to describe a person’s feelings. Self-esteem in relation to oneself is called self-esteem.

The belief shown to the world that a person places on himself, that belief is called self respected. Your self-esteem is the belief in your ability, skill, proficiency, efficiency to do any work. A high sense of self-esteem makes a person capable of dealing with the biggest challenges, determined to progress and energetic to work continuously. One whose self-respect remains alive, he never falls in his eyes.

That’s why people are ready to make even the biggest sacrifices to keep their self-respect alive. It is also mentioned in the life events of many of our great men-personalities recorded on the pages of history that how they sacrificed their lives to protect their self respect, their religion and the nation. But he/they never let his/their self-esteem come under fire, never let the head of the country, religion and society low down.

How to improve and maintain Self-esteem

We should keep trying to develop our self esteem on our own. Developing self-esteem should not wait for a particular situation or encouragement by someone else. Continue this process yourself with Beware of situations, tendencies in which your self-esteem is likely to drop to the lowest level. For example, comparing yourself to another person or jealousy can lower your self esteem.

Self Introspection-

Know about yourself

Considering yourself inferior & others superiors means that you are not respecting yourself. If, you do not consider yourself to be worthy of respect, then it is meaningless to expect respect from other people. Everyone has been gifted with some kind of talent by God. So, never make the mistake of underestimating yourself by comparing yourself to any other human being.

   The behavior of attracting people’s attention again and again in an effort to keep improving and improving oneself is also not good for self esteem. Efforts to let others down and make oneself improve better are also detrimental to self-esteem. Therefore, to maintain and increase self-esteem, some things need to be put into practice in our daily lifestyle; Following 5 important life-values.

  • First of all we should come to be comfortable with every situation.
  •  Immediately control of jealousy, hatred and anger arising out of the situation.
  • Doesn’t let the thorns of negative thoughts grow in your garden.
  • Continue to strive for success with your efforts.
  •  Learn to mold yourself according to the situation.
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Be caution:-

   It is not appropriate to give your reaction immediately without thinking about something. Therefore, using your intellectual capacity of any matter, express your reaction only, when it is necessary after thinking.

    We cannot predict success or failure in achieving the goal, but, it is in our hands to keep making sincere efforts into getting the goals, by improving and maintaining self-esteem.

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