What Kind of Food Gives Most Power to Human Body?

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What Kind of Food Gives Most Power to Human Body?

* Lifesaving substances & their judicious use

The food you are using, does it contain life-saving substances, or not? Is this food just for your tongue satisfaction? It must be said with great regret that most of them do not pay due attention to the judicious choice of food items. A person that makes a mistake in the choice of food, cannot provide enough strength to the bones, muscles, and blood of his body.

  We believe that every human being’s nature and habits, food etc. can’t be of the same kind. According to the country, time, situation, necessary changes go on in it, there is a difference in the structure of the human body and after seeing the health of each person final decision should be taken about his food. But still, we can choose such food, which proves to be beneficial to every person. The substances which save life are suitable for the body. 

  • What is Ideal diet?

   The decision on food should be made keeping in view the work of man. For those who engage in intellectual exertion, nutritious but light simple food is required for them. On the contrary for those who do physical labour their need for rich food such as carbohydrate-rich, ghee, milk-rich food. The most essential elements for those who do mental exertion are fat and proteins.

  The main ingredients in a life-saving diet are vegetables, vegetables, milk, pure butter and fresh or dried fruits. You can take any flour. There must be a salad order in the food every day. It is best to use fruits and vegetables along with the peel.

  • What should be in Kitchen?

-Kitchens necessitate

Do not assume that the above protective food is expensive, never. It does not cost much. More expenses are incurred on those things, which we eat for control of taste and momentary temptation. Precious things are sweets, snacks, chaat-dumplings, miscellaneous meat, pudding, cheese, egg, tea etc. What is needed is that you have tea, biscuits or namkin, sweets etc. in your breakfast or pickles, murabba, papad, meat etc. in lunch. In good nutritious food, flour, milk, ghee, vegetables, pulses and rice is needed.

If, these things are also expensive then do not waste them unnecessarily. Cook as per the requirement and buy as much as required. Without spoiling the health, these things will sit cheap. Fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are most important. You take cheap vegetables- fenugreek, spinach, radish, turnip, eat plenty of cheap fruits. Instead of expensive fruits, eat guava, tomato, pear, cucumber, sugarcane, cucumber. Instead of dry fruits, take cheap nuts, walnuts, peanuts, copra, raisins.

  • Choose life-saving foodstuffs

   If, you choose food wisely, it can be cheap and nutritious. Give up food with taste and chewy habits. Quit taking cream, pudding and hotel plates. Don’t look at chaat, dumplings. Make arrangements for these things for life saving food. Wheat, rice, five types of pulses, clean jaggery, ghee or butter, milk, vegetables, vegetables, and some dry fruits. Eat the fruits of the season. These are high-grade energy-producing substances- Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, coconut, chironji, pistachios, peanuts, raisins, dates, raisins provide excellent sugar. Raisins, raisins, figs give good iron.

  • Avoid these things strictly

Skip the use of chili. It is a stimulating and digestive stimulant spice. If, you give up tea, cigarette, paan, hotel, cinema, chaat, dumplings, chutney with friends, you will be able to save enough money to buy protective food. Why do you commit suicide by eating inedible substances, take nutritious food, which gives strength, enthusiasm and energy to the body, runs away from diseases and increases work power? It is up to your discretion to save money from the things of luxury, comfort, and false depravity.

If possible, increase the number of life-saving items and buy higher quality items. In place of simple food, eat food containing milk, ghee and high type of dry fruits.  Drink milk twice. Include curd in the food also, increase the quantity of fruits. Buy good food, different types of pulses, fruits, nuts.

The best way to spend money are to make the most of each dollar you have, enjoy, body and soul are happy, make your children, wife and live yourself healthful. Make good use of every money for this. Abstinence in luxury, luxury, fashion, food and drink is not farsighted and wise. Avoid foolishness not only of food, but also of clothing, housing, entertainment of all. Well know that stupidity is our biggest enemy.

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