We and water world – A Story

Water World Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels
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We and water world – A Story

It was vacation time. Rohan and his family were on a vacation trip. This year they had decided to see all the beaches and so did they do.

Rohan was all set with his swimsuit, glasses, sunscreen location and slippers. He was too excited for the boat ride. His father had promised him for river draft too. He just could not wait to reach the beach now. All his cousins, uncle and aunts had joined them too. They all were going to have a masti time this year. Father had carried a camera too. He wanted to capture all the beautiful moments in the camera.

Very soon, they all started for their journey, they had lots of fun during the journey. They sang songs, had many snacks, like chips, cookies, lemonade, cakes and candies. Rohan and his cousin enjoyed the snacks.

After some time, they all reached their destination. They had booked a hotel. All kept their luggage in their rooms and got fresh. By the time, they reached the beach it was non time. It was very sunny outside, so all the elders were tired and decided to rest for some time. But all the children were very eager and excited to go the beach.  They could not wait till evening, so father decided to accompany them to the beach, as children were not allowed to go to the beach all by themselves.

All the kids got ready to go the beach. The climate was very humid. All the children could feel the heat. Very soon they started sweating and started feeling thirsty, but at the same time they wanted to plain the water too. So, they decided to get into the water and enjoy themselves. All the children splashed water on another, played with the ball in the water. They drew many drawings on the sea sand and watched them with each wave coming.  they loved to see and run with each coming wave.

All were so happy to play in the water. They were lucky enough to see a few fishes like small fishes, starfishes and some turtles too.

After playing for a long time, all the kids were very tired. They decide to take some rest. They sat down under a sun umbrella to relax themselves.

Soon they bought themselves foe water bottles and cold drink to free them from the thirst. After having the water, they started playing with the empty bottles. They started throwing the bottles in the beach, to see how it floats. Then after finishing with the bottles, they started throwing stones in the sea, to see whose stones travels the farthest. 

But suddenly they someone crying. They wondered as who it could be but failed to understand. They looked over left and right but could not see anyone crying. They continued throwing the stones again, but again they heard someone crying. This time they all were little confused and worried at the same time.

They decided to find out, as who was crying. They kept quite as to trace from where exactly the voice was coming from. After few moments, they realized that the voice was coming from the water, but who could it be in the water. Soon, a small little cute fish came crying up. All the children were surprised to see the fish. They asked the fish why it was crying. The little fish told them that, he was crying because of them. All the children were surprised listening to the answer.

The fish told them that , the stones they are throwing is hurting them .  He bottles which they are throwing in the water is making the water dirty, which is harmful for them. Listening to this, the children realized their mistake and were very sorry for what they were doing. They promised the cute little fish, that they will never do things like that again, which will harm the water world. They will care of their water world.

The fish went in the water happily and the children went to their rooms .

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