Rain drops – A Story

Rain Drops Photo by Nattaphat Phau from Pexels
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Rain drops – A Story

Once upon a time, there lived a little water drop in the  big ocean along with his other friends. They loved to stay in the ocean, move from one place to another. The enjoyed playing with the colourful fishes all around. They were blue, pink, orange, yellow and red fishes too.

Some fishes were big, and some were very tiny little fishes. The little fishes use to move around with the mother fish. The drops loved to stay in the ocean with all of them.

But suddenly one day, something surprising happened. The climate started changing. It suddenly started getter warmer and warmer. The water in the ocean started becoming hot. All the fishes could feel the heat and so could the drops too. The fishes started running towards the bottom of the ocean.

 One by one all the drops started floating on the top. They became lighter and lighter. They did not understand what was happening to them. They all were very scared. They held each other hand. In the meantime, they started becoming more and more lighter.   All were wondering what was happening to them.

Soon all the drops became so light that, they started going up and up in the sky. They could hardly see the ocean now. They could not see any fishes around. Everything seemed so tiny from the top.  All the drops started flying in the sky. Flying up in the sky, more high up the drops met the sun. yes, the sun, who gives us light. He was shining very bright. It was very big and round. It looked just like a red-hot ball. It was really burning near him. So, all the drops were running away from him.

Soon they all reached the sky. Many other drops also were in the sky. They all were flying up an up high in the sky. Flying flying all the way, finally all the drops dashed together and became a big white cloud.

Many other drops started joining them. As the drops started joining in the cloud started becoming heavier and heavier.  And finally, now it was a big big big black cloud full of drops.

Flying flying it met the lightening. The lightening too had a shining bright bright  light  , and along with this it had a big big loud noise. Listening to the loud voice all the drops got very scared. They started running here and there. The wind too started blowing very hard. And running here and there they finally dashed the lightening and then together it burst out with lots water coming out from the cloud and a loud voice and light coming from the lightening.

And then it started raining very heavily.

All the drops again fell down in the ocean. They were happy to reach home back.

They met all their fishes. They enjoyed the ride up in the sky.

They told everything to their friends, how wonderful the journey was.

All the drops fell down again on the earth. Some fell in ocean, some in rivers, some in the lakes, some in the wells and  some on the mountains .  Some drops fell from the mountain in the form of beautiful waterfall. All the drops filled up all the oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds. All the fishes, birds and animals were very happy to see the drops. The drops had made everyone happy. All the fishes in the ocean once again started swimming in the ocean happily.

And then it started happening ever year. Once in a year the drops started going up in the sky and then came back home.

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