Story- Amits School Bag

School Bag Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels
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Story- Amits School Bag

It was starting of the month of June.

Amit his mother and father were getting ready for school. The whole house full of labels, books, covers, scissors, gum, and bag. Mother was covering his new books. Amit was very excited to see all his new books. The smell of the new books was attracting Amit to see the new pictures in the book. He was busy seeing all the pictures and reading the poems from the book. Father was explaining him, that he will have to study harder now onwards as he is in high school now.

He was a big boy now. This year he would be studying in high school. He would be studying in class V this year. He was very excited to go to school, as this year he would be having a new changed uniform, a, a new shirt, new full pant, a tie, and new shoes too.

He was eagerly waiting for the school to reopen. This year his parents had brought him a new school bag that too of his favorite one.  He was all set with a new pair of shoes, an umbrella, and a raincoat too. Soon the weekend passed away.

Amit was very excited to meet his teachers, see the school after the long vacation and meet his best s school friends.

At last, it was Monday morning. Amit got up early in the morning. He got ready to go to school. He was very excited for the same. It was time for the school van to come to pick him up, and it did come. He boarded the bus happily. And finally, the school bus entered the school gate. Amit could not put off his eyes seeing the school building. He was very happy to see the school.

As soon as the bus stopped, he hurriedly got down and ran around the school ground.

He met all his friends. They had so much to share and share and share. There was screaming and shouting and laughter everywhere. All the children were enjoying meeting the friends, sharing their summer vacation experiences. Soon rang the school bell. All the children started heading towards their new classrooms. All the children entered their new classrooms. Soon the new class teacher entered. All children were happy to meet their new teacher and so was the teacher too.

Soon they began the new day of the new year.

Before jumping into studies, teacher asked all the children to share their experiences of how they spent their summer vacation. What all did they learn, what fun did they have, the places they visited etc.

All children happily shared their experiences, how they spent their summer vacation. Some had visited new places, some had visited their relatives, some had joined some sports club, some of them had learnt skating swimming and many more.

Teacher happily listened to all the stories the children had to share. The other children too got to know about many new things from their friends. They had planned in their mind what else is to be learned by them next vacation.

Listening to all the stories, the time passed by and the bell rang for the short break. The teacher asked all the children wash their hands and have their lunch. All the children washed their hands and started opening their tiffin boxes from their bags. Amit too came back to the class and started looking out for his bag, but he could not find it. He searches all over the classrooms but all in vain. Now he was a little tensed. Seeing him tensed his friends approached him, and soon came to know about his bag lost.

They are all whole heartedly shared their tiffin boxes with him. After the break, soon the teacher entered the room. Amit was almost in tears.  The teacher saw him weeping and came to know about the whole situation.

She smiled and called him near her. She asked him to recollect everything since morning. He started doing it, and soon he remembered that he had left the school bag in the bus. He informed the teacher, and she asked the school Didi to get it from the bus.

And soon the Amit was happily holding his bag on his shoulder with a big smile on his face.

It was a very unforgettable day.

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