Rohan’s Birthday party – A Story

Birthday Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels
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Rohan’s Birthday party – A Story

Rohan was very happy today, he jumped and jumped, and laughed all the way home.

He was eagerly waiting for the evening. He had turned ten today. He was a big now!!!

Rohan’s mother had planned a wonderful surprise party for him.

He kept guessing all day, as what surprise mother has planned for him.

He thought mother would prepare lovely and yummy snacks that he loved, but that she use to do all the years, it would not be a surprise. After thinking and thinking he was tired and thought let it be a surprise till the evening.

Soon it was evening time. Rohan got ready for the party. All his friends would be coming for the birthday party anytime.

He dressed up in the new blue and red dress his father had gifted him last night.

He wore a new pair of shoes which grandpa and grandma had gifted him.

It was just a perfect match to the dress tonight. On this he wore a perfect sweet smile, which was cheery on the top.

As he entered the hall, he was surprised to see the whole hall was beautifully decorated with balloons and ribbons.

Mother had also put up a few pictures of his childhood days, like his first in school, his first toy and so on. Seeing all the pictures he was very happy and glad.

Soon all his friends started coming in.

But it was surprise party for all of them.

All the children had to follow a path to enter the home.

Mother had marked a few places with a marking like….. hopp… smile… jump…. Skip… walk slow…  and then enter the house. All the children were happy to enter the house in this different and wonderful manner.

After completing the task, all the friends entered the house. All wished Rohan a very happy birthday.

Soon, mother entered the hall with a big big big amazing cake. All the children kept looking at the yummy yummy cake.

The cake had all the wonderful cartoon characters which were Rohan’s favourite.

The cake was very colourful too!!!!

It had many chocolates too… hmmmm yummy yummy…..

I was a chocolate flavoured cake. It had sweet cherries on it too.

Everyone was waiting eagerly for Rohan to cut the cake and then grab it.

But not so soon. There was a twist before it.

Mother had planned a surprise game for all.  There was big puzzle to be solved.

All the children were given a number chit and a incomplete picture of the puzzle to be completed.

All the children hurried to solve the puzzle in the given timeframe.

And all of them had done it after a long and hard work.

The puzzle picture was of the todays lovely cake.

Soon all the children gathered near the cake, to sing the birthday song for the birthday boy.

After the cake cutting, all the children enjoyed the delicious cake and the healthy snacks made by Rohan’s mother.

Mother had made lovely but yet healthy snacks for all the children like there was a fruit plate, some custard on it, some chole and puri and Gulab jamuns too.

All the children finished the dinner, but the party was still not over. Mother had planned something more too.

Rohan gave all the children a very useful and nice return gift. It had a beautiful story book in it . It also had beautiful weaved bookmark made by his grandma for all the little ones.

All the children very happy to see the gifts.

All the children went back home happily with their parents.

Rohan loved his birthday party.

He hugged his parents and grandparents merrily and thanked them for the lovely and unforgettable party.

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