5 ways to attract best friends

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5 ways to attract best friends

There is a saying that you should treat or respect others the way you want to be treated or respected. The same goes for making best friends. You can make or attract best friends only when you are a great friend. However, there are some rules that can be followed to make best friends who will stand the test of time and distance. Keep reading.

Make your friend feel extremely special

Sometimes we take our friends for granted, assuming that they don’t need our special attention as they would be available at our beck and call. And that is why friends do not convert as great pals and remain on and off.

What you really need to do to convert just a friend into your best pal is to make them feel really special. When you treat them fairly and go all out to make them feel special, they reciprocate with the same feelings and stick with you as a best friend.

Some ways to make them feel extra special is small gestures such as welcoming them with a warm hug whenever you see them. You can organise a small surprise birthday party for them. You can gift them something that they really want but have not expressed. When your friend realises that you care for him, he would stick with you like a best pal.

Never degrade them in person or in public

Some good friends make the mistake of pulling each other’s legs to the extent of hurting feelings. Avoid this altogether. Do not intentionally or unknowingly say words or do things that could hurt your friend, and stop them from turning into your best confidante. If you use harsh words regularly to make your friends feel low, soon you would be left with no friends. Always treat your friends well to turn them and keep them as your bestie.

Be a great friend first

When you are a great friend or have the qualities or traits of a good pal, you then attract equally best friends. You attract people as per your attitude and behaviour. So, when your behaviour is that of a great friend, you too would attract the best pals. Only true friends attract the best pals in return. Learn habits of being a great friend. It includes being a good listener, giving them a shoulder to lean on and going out of your way to help them. Also, do not ever assert your friendship onto them. When you cling to friends, they tend to go apart. Just like in a relationship, friendship too needs space to grow and evolve.

Remember to forgive and forget

A friendship too can have its shares of ups and downs just like in a relationship. Just like how you keep your relationship with your spouse intact by forgiving and forgetting, do the same for your friend. Holding grudges against your friend will not help him in crossing that thin line of a good friend to a best friend. Remember to forgive your best friend for failure to keep a promise and forget them permanently. When your friend realises that you can look over these superficial things, they will cross over from being a good friend to being the best pal.

Friendship needs nurturing to keep best pals

Like trees and relationships need regular nurturing to keep them growing, friendship too is a work of labour to keep the flames burning. If you drift apart from your friend for some reason or the other, he or she would simply be a connection that came into your life. Remember to check on your friends timely, keep abreast of the happenings in their lives, participate actively in their life goals, and try to always be there to cheer them up as and when necessary. When you take the efforts to keep the friendship flames growing, you make best friends for life.

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