Our Best Friends

Indian Friends Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels
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Our Best Friends

It was a bright Monday morning. All the children were in the school, studying in their classrooms.

They had just finished the English class. And now it was time for Science class.

All the children were getting ready for the class. Miss Mira would be coming to the class any moment.

Rahul, Pooja, Suresh, and Neeta were checking with the homework.

All the children had completed their homework. All the children were eagerly waiting for Miss Mira to come as she was going to start with something new in Science today.

All the children were very excited to learn something new. The children tried guessing what they were going to learn today. Also, along with this Miss Mira had given them a different homework to be done. She had asked them to tell her the name of their best friends.

All had decided the names in their mind.

In the meanwhile, Miss Mira entered the classroom. All the children were very happy to see her.

All wished her “Good morning.”  Miss Mira too wished all the children “Good Morning” with a smile.

Rahul excitedly asked Miss Mira, “Teacher, are we going to start with a new topic today?”

Miss Mira replied, “Yes, Sure. But I hope you all have done the given homework. “

The whole class replied, “Yes, Teacher.”

Teacher was very happy with the response. She started asking the children, “Who is our best friend?”

All the children were ready with the names of their best friends.

As expected, all the children gave names of some of their friend. Teacher too enjoyed listening to all the answers by the children.

Then she again asked the same question, “Who is our best friend?” All the children were confused as to why is teacher asking the same question again.

There was complete silence in the class. Teacher had a big smile on her face. She understood their confusion.

She replied, “Do you all know, that we all have a common best friend all throughout our life? Can anyone guess?” There ca me a few guesses, but none of them matched.

Finally, Miss Mira asked the whole class to get ready to go the garden area.

All the children quickly got into a queue to go the garden.

All the students along with Miss Mira came to the garden. All of them had a round of the garden. They saw many tress in the garden. Some tress had beautiful and colourful flowers on it while some of them were having tasty yummy juicy fruits on them.

They saw few birds siting on the branches of the trees. They had built nest on the trees. They had laid eggs in it and a some  little ones were also chirping for food.

Mother bird was feeding the little ones. After taking a talk around the garden, the children were tired and wanted to sit down, but it was quite sunny there. In no time, teacher pointed towards a huge tree.

Seeing the tree, all the students very happy. Soon the all made a big circle and sat down in the big shady tree. All could feel the cool breeze the tree gave them.

The teacher could see the smile on the faces.

Now, the teacher again repeated the same question, “Now, can anyone tell me the answer to my question? Who is our best friend?”

This time, all the children had guessed the correct answer. All replied in one voice, “Treessssssssssssssssssssss”.

“Yes “replied the teacher.

To this Miss Mira explained them, as to why are the trees are best friends.

Tress give us beautiful, colourful flowers, tasty, yummy and healthy fruits, which help us to keep good health. Trees give us cool breeze, oxygen and shade too.

Trees help us in giving rains and much more.

Soon they all went to the classroom and studied the new chapter from the science book.

All the children understood the chapter.

As an activity all the children planted a small plant in their house and school too.

All promised to water the plant and take care of it.

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