Sunday a Funday

Happy Kid Photo by Alex Green from Pexels
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Sunday a Funday

I was a bright sunny morning on a Sunday. All friends, Neel, Radhika, Amol, Ketan and Sarita had gathered in the play area to have some fun. They wanted to do something exciting and different. Something which they have not done in the past.  Something really new .

They all were thinking of an exciting idea!

Something clicked Neel mind, he screamed, “Let’s play video games at my place.”

All were having a big Nooooo for it. Then Radhika came up with an idea of playing hide and seek. But that was in vain.

After Radhika, Amol too came up with an idea of watching a movie or a cartoon show in his house, but that that too failed.

Sarita too was thinking of something amazing and great. She suggested to play an indoor game like carrom board or a snakes and ladders.

But none of them was really interested in it.

Ketan tried hard but could not think of any exciting.

All were sitting under a big tree, tried hard to think of something amazing to do.

In the meanwhile, they saw Sarita’s mother returning from the market.

She had a bag full of vegetables and fruits. She had seen the children sitting under the tree.

After asking the children why they were sitting so quiet, she understood their problem.

She had a wonderful solution to it. She asked Neel to gather some sticks and some old newspapers.

Radhika ran to call everybody’s mother for help. Amol hurried to gather some plates and bowls.

Ketan quickly cleaned the place and kept the mats for sitting. Soon all the mothers came near the tree.

Sarita came with water for cooking and drinking.

Soon all the mother started preparing a yummy meal for the children.

The children too helped the mothers by bringing in the vegetables, milk, water and vessels.

No sooner, a yummy fragrance filled the air, all the children were very excited to see the surprise dish.

They were guessing what is being cooked. All of them gave it a try one by one.

Children could no longer resist their hunger.

Very soon, mother called all the children for a yummy lunch garden party.

All the children washed their hands and legs and sat down in a que to have their party.

All were very excited….

All were very eager to see the surprise….

Soon they saw their dishes filled with delicious rice Khichadi and yummy yummy kheer.

All the children were very happy to see the menu. They loved the surprise.

Radhika was very happy to see her favorite kheer…. Amol too was very happy to see the healthy  khichadi  which help to be strong boy.

All the children and mother enjoyed the garden party together.

They had lots of fun and excitement. They all enjoyed the tasty meals together happily with lots of talks and laughs.  All the mother shared their old experiences of preparing a meal together an enjoying it together.

All the children loved this idea. They all were very very happy as they had done something very exciting and something absolutely new.

Something which they had never experienced. Their Sunday was full of fun and excitement. All the faces had a big big smile on their faces.

They really liked this idea of making a meal together and eating it too. After they had done with their meal, they made sure that cleaned the place. Throwing all the thrash in the dustbin. They helped the mother to take the things back to their place.

After all the work was done, last but not the least , the children did not forget to thank their mother, because of whom they had a wonderful  super duper Sunday… A real fun day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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