One Straight Question to Congress

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One Straight Question to Congress

When someone supports Hindus, Congress asks a question “who gave them the right to represent Hindus in India”. So, who can give the answer to the below common man’s questions?

Who gave you the right to steal and claim all of India’s freedom struggle as gift/ charity to Indian masses by the sole family/ nepotistic dynasty – Aren’t you erasing, white washing, mocking the sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters, mass heroes like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Subash Chandra Bose etc. that laid down their lives for the country?

Who gave you right to loot India for 60 years? Who gave you right to name all airports, ports after your nepotistic family? Is India your personal property?

Who gave you right to donate India’s land coco Islands etc. to other nations without seeking Indian masses permission? Is India’s land your personal property?

Who gave you right to declare Muslims as minority when Parsis, Jains, Jews, Buddhists, are actual minority and Muslims the second largest majority?

Who gave you right to tax Hindu temples only and shrines and use the money for government and expenditure for all religion masses, but exempt tax on Muslim and Christian shrines in name of appeasement? Are you punishing Hindu faith believers for being Hindus?

Who gave you right to segregate common laws meant for all? You reformed Hindu law and don’t touch other religion’s law ?

Who gave you right to allow Muslims to practice polygamy etc. but ban other faiths to do it, isn’t this sheer hypocrisy/ open bias towards one religion followers under the pretense of being secular party ?

Who gave you right to spend Indian tax payers money on madrassa religious education when you don’t pay same amount of funds to other religion followers education ?

Who gave you right to fund haj subsidies, provide minority quota etc. to them when you don’t provide same subsidies to other faiths to visit their shrine or provide minority quota to Kashmiri pandits in JK or other 8 states where Hindus are in a minority ?

Who gave you right to send/ use Indian navy frigate to lay wreath on sea burial of Edwina Mountbatten in personal capacity at British’s South Coast ? Is Indian Navy machinery, your family members personal property?

Who gave you right to provide secret/ safe passage to criminal Warren Anderson, Union Carbide CEO who was charged with manslaughter by Indian court and put in custody?

Who gave you right to flee a person from custody who was responsible for blinding and deaths of lakhs of people in Bhopal gas tragedy? Whose generation after generation still suffer deformity and yet received no compensation from them. Wasn’t that betrayal and criminal on your part to India?

Who gave you right to mock 26/11 tragedy, strikes at border etc.

Who is promoting Dynasty family policies?

Who can answer all these questions from Congress?

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