Benefits Of Arranged Marriages Over Love Marriages

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Benefits Of Arranged Marriages Over Love Marriages

Are you a person who favors love-marriage from your childhood? Have you dreamt that one day your prince charming will come and love you to the moon and back? You don’t have much understanding of what is a arranged marriage? Then, for your knowledge, arranged marriage is a marriage that is fixed after essentially going through the pros and cons of the would-be brides and grooms. Yes, it does takes some time but you will also see the couples of arranged marriages living like lovebirds within a few weeks.

So, be practical and accept the fact that what you dreamt throughout your childhood not only happens in love marriage. Even arranged marriage generates true love between two people that is no less than the love of a couple who attempts love marriage. Can’t believe it? Yes, it’s cent percent true.

Recent surveys show that many couples who have attempted arranged marriage are living much happier than love-marriage couples. The wives and husbands have developed a proper understanding and love towards each other over the years and they are spending their lives heartily with their children and other family members. Love marriages are good but arranged marriages can be better if you and your family members choose your life partner wisely. In fact, arranged marriages have many benefits over love marriages. Curious to know them? Keep on reading:

1. Your Clans & Relatives Will Take Part In Your Marriage:

Arranged marriage is done obeying & respecting the social conventions and rituals & hence, it is certain that your whole family and close ones will actively take part in your wedding. So, you will never get the occasion to think that you are all alone and nobody is there with you to combat your fate. Besides, you can also spend the precious moments of your marriage happily with your close ones & relatives. You will get their goodwill & also the blessings of the elders.

2. The Support Of The Elders Will Be There With The Couple:

If you do arrange marriage with the approval of your elders, you will get their non-stop support throughout your life. They will happily stand beside you and your partner in every odds, as they have selected your partner themselves for your marriage. Even if you face any after-marriage problem with your partner, they will try to settle the issue & not blame you for the situation. But, in the case of a love marriage, the elders might not wholly support you in any after-marriage problems. They may blame you for the choice of your partner, especially if you have married your lover without their approval.

3. You Will Have Many Options To Choose From:

It is said that “love is blind”. In the case of love, one instantly follows his heart and not his mind. So, he may not be practical when he chooses his life partner. He will not choose his partner among many & only remains determined to marry the one he loves, irrespective of her hidden bad qualities. It may fail his marriage in the future. But, arranged marriages are done by people who are very practical about their life and so, they always choose their partners wisely among many. Only when they are satisfied that they have got a perfect one for the beginning of a relationship, they proceed for marriage with them and that too with the blessings of the elders of their family. So, very little chance of failure in their marriages.

4. The Work Of Ego Is Less In An Arranged Marriage:

The couples who go for arranged marriages choose each other after knowing every detail of each other. They also know the prospects of their would-be partners. So, generally less ego is seen in arranged marriages. But, as love is unplanned, the couples may not go through each and every detail of each other thoroughly before their marriages and may suffer later for it as sometimes ego comes between their relationship. It may affect their marriage.

The Final Words:

Both love marriage & arranged marriage have their own advantages & disadvantages. But, as love is emotional & planned marriage is something pragmatic, so arranged marriages have definitely the above-mentioned logical benefits over love marriages. So, as you have gone through the whole write-up now and are aware of the practical advantages of arranged marriage, we expect you to choose your partner wisely when you are willing to marry. Best of luck with your future.

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