9 Tips to become a Fast Writer

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How To Become A Fast Writer: 9 Tips To Write Faster?

9 Tips to become a Fast Writer

If you are looking for some ways to become a fast writing then, you are at the right place.

 Maybe you are a novelist who is trying to finish first draft, a blogger who is writing on the ongoing article or a person in the other category trying to do free writing, by becoming a faster writer you can create difference in the project. If you will start implementing few simple habits in your writing, it can be helpful to spend less time than your normal. So, let’s start.

9 Tips to Write Faster

  1. Write everyday – writing is likely to be our muscle, more you will do exercise of it, faster it will be. You must set a schedule of writing if you are not writing on a deadline. Add writing session in your daily routine, start working on it, make it as your habit, create interest in it such as making a cup of tea or writing on a special location.
  2. Give a topic to yourself – you may already have an assignment or projects on which you are working. But you don’t have any, then defiantly your writing speed will be decrease.
  3. Give a challenge to yourself– Along with a schedule, challenge would be a good option. If you are a new writer, you may start with 100 words a day or any number according to you or if you are experienced writer then you may go with 1000 words a day. On the other hand, you can go with WPM which means words per minute that you write, you can focus on it.
  4. Set a timer – If you have digital device which can record the time or an app. Start it at the beginning of your session, it will be helpful to track your progress and secondly, you will not waste the time because you will be aware of passing seconds.
  5. Stop writing when timer gets off – If timer gets off and a sentence is not finished, then don’t continue it. Leave it for next day, rather than starting a new sentence, you continue that

unfinished sentence and it will be helpful to maintain the flow of writing.

  • Hold pencil or pen with comfortable position – The way which you use to grip your pencil or pen does not create impact on your speed of writing, depending upon your comfort zone. Make sure your hand is comfortable while writing, if it’s not then you must change the way of holding it.
  • Find your best– If you want to make your writing faster, also your psychology and biology matters.  You may be a faster and better writer at the morning, or you may be the same at night. To find out your best time, experiment any other time than your current.
  • Have a good position– Your body position can directly affect to your writing that’s why; you should sit with straight back and position of elbows will at the right angle to your pen and book. If you are keeping the wrong position of your arms, it can lead to the cramping or fatigue which are enemies of faster writing. There are some writers who prefer standing desks, helps to maintain blood flow and energy. If you are facing the same problem, you can try this at once.
  • Try typing games – If you have already started all of this tips, there is an possibility that you are unable to connect your fingers with the mind. Nowadays, a lot of typing games and test both you can use for free. Some of those are specially designed to improve your speed of typing. In this complete process, you can get your fingers on the right position to write with a flow.

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