5 tricks to get baby to sleep at night

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5 tricks to get baby to sleep at night

Are you a new mother who passes night after night staying awake? Are you seriously concerned as to why your baby passes sleepless nights even though he/she sleeps peacefully in the daytime? Then, for the sake of your knowledge, you are not the only one who is facing this situation with your baby. The truth is that a major portion of the parents of babies in this world are going through the same stage that you are going through. And, this is perfectly normal.

There is nothing odd about this. Babies are newly arrived angels and they do take some time to adjust themselves into this world, which is totally a new place for them. So, as a parent, what you can do is just show a little bit of patience in this matter. You will overcome your crisis very soon. And, another thing that you can do is follow the below-mentioned tips suggested by us for getting your baby to sleep peacefully at night. They will definitely help you in your endeavor. So, check out these tricks and know – how to make baby sleep at night:

1. Massage your baby with oil regularly:

Can you deny that sometimes your body craves oil massage, especially when you are extremely tired and after a dose of body massage you get a sound sleep at night? No! Then how can it be different for your baby? He also needs relaxation in his body. And, proper massage of oil in his body also gives him a soothing sleep at night. So, do massage your baby’s body with oil regularly. It will not only help him to sleep tight but also there are other benefits to it. Most of the baby oils contain vitamin D that makes the bone of your baby stronger. Besides, regular oil massage also makes your baby’s skin soft & smooth and gives it a natural glow.

2. Check your baby’s diaper:

Is your baby crying a lot at night instead of sleeping and you are spending the night in anxiety, wondering what can be the reason behind it? If it is the case, then we suggest you check your baby’s diaper first. It is very much possible that your baby’s wet or soiled diaper is making him feel uneasy and taking away his sleep. So, just check out, and if you feel the need of changing it, change immediately. You will find that your baby is now comfortable sleeping throughout the night without any further disturbance after the change of his diaper.

3. Press your baby’s stomach and notice his reaction:

Of the five tricks to get the baby to sleep at night, the third trick is pressing your baby’s belly gently. If your baby is crying and passing a sleepless night due to any stomach pain or colic problem, then he will feel uncomfortable on the pressing of the belly and even cry out louder. This will make you understand the main reason for his wakefulness and you can soothe him with the necessary medication for stomach pain suggested by your baby’s pediatrician. The medication will give your baby relief from pain and he will then sleep without any discomfort.

But, on the contrary, if your baby is not showing any indication of colic pain, then you have to infer that the problem is different and you must try to understand the other pain or problem your baby is suffering through and provide him with medication accordingly so that your baby’s sleep is not hampered. And, if you can’t get at the root of the problem, do schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor. He/she will help you with it.

4.check out if your baby is hungry:

It is very common for babies that they cannot sleep unless their stomach is full. The moment their stomach becomes empty, their sleep breaks up. This is because they have a biological clock inside them that forces them to wake up as soon as it is time for their feeding. So, if your baby is not sleeping the whole night or is waking up from sleep in the middle of the night, check out if he is hungry or his stomach is empty or not and feed him accordingly. The moment his stomach is full, he will go back to sleep.

5. Swaddle your baby in cold weather and increase the fan speed in hot weather :

You may be surprised to hear that baby can feel the warm and cold temperature in his body even more strongly than an adult can feel. So, make sure to swaddle your baby with a blanket properly in cold weather or if your AC is running. And, on the contrary, if the weather is too hot, also don’t forget to put your fan’s speed at high.

Otherwise, your baby will wake up from sleep time and again either because he is feeling cold or because he is unable to tolerate the hot weather. Needless to say, comfortable weather conditions will always result in a comfortable night’s sleep for your child.

Final Observation:

So, have you tried any of these tricks for your own baby before, when he was unwilling to listen to you for sleep at night? If not, then try using the tricks from today, and you will notice a huge difference in your baby’s sleep habits. So, now as you have understood how to make babies sleep at night, spread the tricks to the people you know and also help them get their babies to sleep at night.

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