Why Family Is Important?

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 Why Family Is Important?

Today in our busy and fast life we neglect our family. Family plays a key and important role in every individual life. But first, we have to know basically what family is? So let s start to know what is family? How it play important role in an individual life?

Family word arrives from a Latin word famulus which means servent. A family is a group of people living together to full fill their needs and requirement. It is a social group .it consists of husband, wife, children and their grandparents. Family is a social institution. Family is an agency of socialization.it is a primary group where face conversation is there.

Characteristics of family

  • Biological: All family members are biologically related to each other they have biological relation between each family member
  • Universal: family exist everywhere in the world. Without family, no society exists in the world so the family is a universal concept.
  • Permanent: Family is permanent in society. If one member of a family dies it doesn’t mean the family will vanish from society .family other members are still active in society and continue their family name in society.
  • Dynamic:  family is dynamic. it changes with time like earlier times the joint family exists in our society but knows days nuclear families is there according to need and requirements family values will change accordingly.
  • Ancient: family exists in society from an early age to full fill their family member’s needs. but the only difference between early time family and nowadays family is that in early time the joint family is there now nuclear families exist in society.

Types of family

There are two types of a family is there.

1. Joint family: joint family is a family which consists of a husband, wife, children, and grandparents. This type of family exists in early times or ruler areas mostly. But know days only a few families do we find joint family.

2. Nuclear family: the nuclear family is a family in which the husband, wife, and children are there. There are no grandparents in this family is there. Most nuclear families are found in urban areas.

Both families have is own importance and disadvantage so we cannot judge by ourselves which family is which is good or bad. So all famish has its own importance.

Functions of family

Family is the first social agency in every child’s life it plays a key role in the development of any person’s life. Family make small building blocks in each person’s life and help in every aspect of life. The family develops these values in every person’s life.

  • Moral values: family develops moral value in personal life from the family they learn moral activates to life in society and good behavior towards society.
  • Educational function: family help their family members to educate. If the family is educated then their family member will get good education further.
  • Vocational value: families give vocational value to their family members so they further increase their vocational courses and expand their family profession.
  • Regional value: family members get knowledge of their religion from their families learn religious rituals from their family so family helps family members to learn religious values.
  • Cultural values: parents share their cultural values with their sibling’s .so they take their cultural values to other generations.


A family is a primary group where face-to-face interaction is there between family members. All family members have biological relations or are united together by adoption. They have blood relations. Family help in every aspect of life with us in our happy time and sad time to support in every face of life. The family develops economical values in a person’s life. Family is a big institution. Where family members live and learn values and make a social animal.

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