How to Overcome Laziness: 8 Useful Tips

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How to Overcome Laziness: 8 Useful Tips

Idea of doing nothing that should be done under a particular time or deadline, it is considered as the sign of weakness or laziness. Sometimes, it happens when you don’t want to do a task which may be boring or difficult. Other times you may think that task requires a whole team of people, and you are only to do it. In case, if you want to carry out tasks that need to be done or to achieve success in life. You must learn how to overcome laziness. So, let’s start.

Tips To Overcome Laziness

  1. Break down a task into smaller tasks – Most of the time we are unable to carry on task because it looks too time taking, too big and too tiring to us. If we break down a task into multiple or smaller tasks, it will be helpful for you to take it easily.

 Rather than having a whole task, you will get a series of smaller tasks that will not take too        much effort while doing it. This method is not only working on the task. but also, it works to achieve goals and anything else that you want to do.

  • Rest and sleep – Many times it happens when you are tired or when you have lack of energy. If you are counted in such, you should take sufficient amount of sleep and rest. Also, you can give your body exercise and fresh air that it needs. This all things will be helpful for your body to get refreshment and strength.
  • Get motivated- The reason of laziness can be the lack of motivation. You can boost it by visualization, thinking about importance of that task you want to do or goals that you want to achieve in your life.
  • Thinking about benefits – Think about benefits that you will get by overcoming the laziness then take a quick action, rather than thinking about difficulties. If you are focusing on those difficulties that you want to face while performing a task, it can be create avoidance to do it. That is why you should always focus on the benefits, not on difficulties.
  • One thing at once – If you feel like you must do a lot of work, definitely you will feel bored and overwhelmed. But if you will do only one task at once and then if you focus on it, that task or may be other things will be easier to handle.
  • Visualization– imagination has a great impact on your action, mind, and habits. Visualize yourself doing a task easily and energetically. Do this before starting any task also, you can do this whenever you feel lazy.
  • Take tasks as an opportunity– take whatever the task, while doing it you feel lazy. Take it as a exercise which makes you more stronger and more assertive. Consider as you are exercising to reveal inner you and stronger you. It will help you to get ability to do thing with confidence and courage.
  • Make first step easy – A lot of time the hardest part of a task is taking first step of it because of the following reason:
  • Effort which is required by the first step – For ex. You are planning to reach the gym. Here hard tough task is to wake up and then getting ready to reach out the gym. Once you will reach there, workout will not too tough. But the first step can make the task hard.       

In your case, if first step seems harder then, try to make it as easy as possible such as in our example If you feel lazy to find clothes, keep them ready in the night. If the first step will be smoother, chances of completing task will be more.                     

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