Desi Ghee – India’s Golden Butter

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Desi Ghee – India’s golden butter and superfood

Few drizzles of ghee into your meals uplifts the taste of food to the next level. Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is a wonderful partner with Rice, Roti, and sabzi. Indian sweet delicacies like Gajar Halwa, laddo, Barfi, Puranpoli, Payasam… are incomplete without ghee.

In all Indian households, it is a must-have food. Our ancestors enjoyed having a spoon of ghee in their meals every time. And they always recommended it for stronger and longer lives. We all have fond memories of our mother adding one more teaspoon of ghee with our food while eating. As our mother believes, growing kids require milk and byproducts of milk for healthy bones and a sharp mind.

For a certain period, Ghee was defamed as saturated fat, leading to weight gain, heart problems, and various diseases. Knowing this, many people are agitated and kept ghee at distance.

The truth doesn’t remain hidden for long, and ghee has the superpower to return to our plates. Celebs reveal the secret to glowing skin: eating ghee with every meal to keep it supple and healthy. For weight loss, nutritionists recommend adding ghee to food.  All these helped Ghee to regain the glory back.

Find out what the special characteristics of ghee were that made it stand out with its health benefits.

  • Ghee is considered to be a super fat, which has SCFA- Short chain fatty acids, that help to burn stubborn fat, aids in weight loss.
  • Yes! It is a type of saturated fat, but a unique one. Not like unhealthy fats, you find them in cakes, biscuits, and pizzas.
  • Ghee has the highest smoking point when heated. So best for deep frying, enjoy the delicacies deep frying in ghee.
  • It reduces the Glycemic Index when ghee is added to your food.
  • Besides providing vitamins and antioxidants, ghee is a healthy fat source. Stabilizes fluctuations in blood sugar, makes your heart healthy, spine stronger and boosts your brain’s ability.
  • Promoting healthy bacteria in the Gut furthers a healthy digestive system. Reduce the risk of diseases, and a healthy immune system is developed.

Which Ghee is Best (A1 or A2)

Pure Desi Ghee is always best. Ghee made from desi cow milk is ideal for consumption. Desi cows are Indian breed cows, known as A2 cows thus their milk and byproducts are called A2 products.

Traditionally, desi cows were part of Indian families and were treated with love and affection.

Time has changed, because of industrialization foreign breed cows came in popular. Regardless of its benefits, excess milk production is the number one priority. Study reveals that consuming A1 milk every day may risk various health issues. Desi cows give less milk compared to foreign breeds. But nutritional benefits, medicinal properties are much much higher than any other milk.

Where do we get pure desi ghee?

Small farms where they make the ghee in an old traditional method and treat their cattle with care and love is the best place to buy ghee. If you try a little more, you will get pure for sure.

Ghee A1 is widely available in Indian markets. Many of us were unaware of the difference between A1 and A2 ghee and we end up buying a well-known brand in the market. In Spite of the expensive price, purchasing A2 ghee is always a good investment for your health.

If you are not able to find A2 cow ghee. Desi buffalo milk is the better option, you can find it easily. You can make homemade ghee from it.

How much ghee?

Even though it is healthy, too much of anything is bad for you. Added ghee should enhance the flavor of your dish, not dominate the flavor with ghee. Enjoy food everyday with at least 1 tsp of ghee in your meals.

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