6 Tips For Reducing Sleep Talking

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6 Tips For Reducing Sleep Talking

Maybe you have been told by your roommate or bed partner that, you mutter a sound or any word while sleeping. However, sleep talking is the common behavior that comes down during the sleep cycle. In this post, we will learn about sleep talking and if you are suffering from this, then how you can reduce it, by following some tips.

What is sleep talking?

Sleeping talking is an unconscious speech that occurs while sleeping. It doesn’t count in any medical problem, it’s common. Usually, the average duration of per talk is 30 seconds. But, in some cases it can be increase.

Who talks while sleeping?

In short – A lot of people talk while sleeping. Almost half of the kids between 3 years to 10 years converse while sleeping and 5% of adults are counted in this behavior. Number of boys and girls is balanced in this condition.

Symptoms of talking in the sleep

It could be tough to say whether you are talking in your own sleep or not. Mostly, your bed partner or any other will tell you that you are talking or not.

Causes of talking in the sleep

Many of us believe that we talk in the sleep while dreaming. But it can be occurred in the any stage of sleep. On the other hand, this whole part is not completely understood. If you observe any other action or behavior expecting sleep talk then, you should contact doctor or sleep specialist

Tips for reducing sleep talking

Actually, there is no special way to stop sleep talking. But yes, there are a lot of ways to maintain a better sleep hygiene which may help you to reduce sleep talking.

  1. Follow a schedule – set a fixed bedtime which is familiar for you and then start following it. But in this case, consistency will be important means you should follow the schedule strictly for all days including weekends. Wake up at the same time and go to the bed at same, this whole process will be helpful to maintain better sleep hygiene.
  2. Get a cool and dark environment to sleep – If you have a thermostat then, try to fix it on 65 degree which is ideal for almost everyone. Secondly, you can install black curtain such as, pillow and so on. Onwards, try to keep your bedroom as you can, because darkness is helpful for getting a deep sleep.
  3. Avoid coffee and alcohol before bedtime- coffee and alcohol, both are harmful for the sleep. Alcohol can affect you REM and NREM sleep, and coffee can block the sleep. Even, you should avoid coffee in the afternoon, as it can affects longer.
  4. Follow a wind down routine- It means you can adopt consistent behavior for everyday, which will help you to get a deep sleep such as, listening to the music, taking a warm bath, meditation, breathing or any other that you want to follow. Also, avoid screen at least 30 minutes before the bedtime.
  5. Record your sleep- As it is not possible to get controlled regarding sleep talking duration or episode. You can use sleep recording apps to get more information about sleep talking. Additionally, you can keep the record of sleep duration in a sleep diary. So, you will be able to talk with your bed partner about it.
  6. Get in touch with doctor – If you ever observed any other behavior expecting sleep talk or you are worried about sleep talk, then contact with your doctor they may suggest a sleep specialist or sleep medicines.

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