Water Scarcity! A Severe Issue for Planet Earth

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Water Scarcity! A Severe Issue for Planet Earth

The human’s thinking has become so high, that he wants to spent crores of billions of rupees in the race of advanced country to search for water on Moon and Mars. It is a good thing to have ambition, in the heart of every person (Human). In the opposite case, the ambition should not be so high that its condition should be such that it does not get water on Mars nor on the moon, and till then, while understanding the importance of water, he can understand the water of his planet (Earth).

Neither could save us. Man always wants to do such feats in the future that he exceeds his ambitions. But his intelligence does not work immediately in the work of protecting natural resources, protecting them, and promoting them. Even if, for some reason, he tries to protect the said resources, he fails completely due to any reason.

Presence of water: –

The availability of water on the earth is 97.5 percent, which is present in the form of salt water in the oceans. Another 2.5 percent of sweet water is available on Earth. Two thirds of which are collected in the form of snow sheets in glacial and polar regions. The rest water is existed in form of potable water, of which only a small part exists as surface water above the ground or in the air, as atmospheric water.

But, its 24 lakh km the portion is present as ground water at a depth of 600 meters, and about 5 lakh kilometres of water has reached the verge of becoming dirty and polluted. In this way, only 1 percent of the total water present on earth is available for human use. Which may cause empty of future danger for us.

Problems of water crisis: –

Expressing seriousness on the subject, the United Nations has also estimated that by 2030, 70 million people may have to be displaced from their local areas due to lack of water. The big question is, will a person who earns bread for two times survives in such a situation? Will a rich person free his or her ownership of water-generating resources for a poor person? Will humanity survive in such a situation?

Will the local government completely quench the thirst of the deprived people in such a situation? Hass! No one will escape from these problems; everyone will suffer from this worst situation.

Agricultural water management issue: –

  The agricultural sector, known to be the largest user of this natural resource, uses almost 70% of the water. Of the water resources are available on the planet, only three percent is freshwater. More than 50 to 60 per cents water wasted in agricultural production due to lack of water management.

Most of the farmers are using the traditional method of crop irrigation, which leads to excessive use of water, they do not get proper guidance of water management, therefore the world is now suffering from ground water scarcity.

   Water scarcity now needs to be managed efficiently in agriculture sectors. Currently, agriculture has available resources for irrigation such as reservoirs, dams, borewell, ponds and rivers. Water is now being diverted or managed by building water wells, river dams, lakes. Conventional irrigation of rivers and water wells is now turning to borewell irrigation.

Meanwhile, excess groundwater uptake due to over-borewell irrigation affects the groundwater level every year and the water level of conventional wells. An excess use of water for crop production has led to groundwater scarcity of recent years. This must be managed by a perfect and effective strategy to alleviate the scarcity. Like, ‘Save water, save your life’.

   Due to human’s selfishness, the irony of water crisis is increasing day by day. The main reasons for this are uncontrolled exploitation of water, population explosion and modern industrialization with a sensitive attitude towards water, for water conservation, lack of water management or our negligence somewhere.

   Therefore, to address many such questions, the Supreme Court under Article 21 of the constitution, has given Indians the status of ‘getting drinking water’ as one of the fundamental rights granted by the constitution. Also issued instructions to Central Government that it is his absolute duty to protect this right of all citizens of the country.

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