What are the benefits of YOGA in Digital Life

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What are the benefits of YOGA in Digital Life

 Today in this busy and sophisticated life. We all are not aware about the benefits of yoga and its magical life changing practices. While working continuously 24 hours and dealing which totally stressed life, you remain unsatisfied. Regular practice of yoga can help you out to get total satisfactory and healthy life ahead. In this post we will be focusing on various physical mental and psychological benefits of yoga.

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is a system that requires more mental engagement than any other things that we do. Yoga is an activity through which we can change ourselves totally and can become what we wish to be yoga helps us to transform ourselves into the happiest as well as satisfied person in our life. Whatever kind of Impressions, troubles, thoughts, emotions, or situations we are engaged in, makes us a complicated and tough kind of person, as you go through the process of yoga you will be the kind of person that you admire to be. In order to live a healthy, fulfilled and positive life, yoga must be included in our daily lifestyle.

What are the Mental Benefits of Yoga?

According to W H O about 7.5 % of Indian are dealing with mental disorders, 56 million Indians are facing depression and other 38 million are suffering from anxiety disorders.

Some mental benefits of yoga are as follows:

1) practicing yoga regularly improves our mood and help us to reduce stress and anxiety.

2) many times, the mental health professionals recommend their patients to practice yoga as part of the treatment as supportive approach.

3) feelings of stress and anxiety may lead to high blood pressure and severe diabetes. Natural and methodical practice of yoga can help in reducing panic attacks.

4) controlling breathing techniques through yoga can additional e provide relief from depression.

5) some common yoga techniques for depression are-

 Kapalbhati, Surya Namaskar and Virbhadrasana etc. For stress relief, Anulom Vilom and Hasyasanas are the best exercises preferred.

Benefits of Yoga during COVID

Coronavirus directly affects our lungs, respiratory system, and nervous system as well. We all are very well known about the fact that we have never been so helpless before this Global pandemic. In this pandemic, Yoga is like a lighting lamp in our deep dark lives. There are some yoga techniques that you can practice right on your bed or during home quarantine to help all your body system function better. Breathing exercises are proved to be very effective during this COVID period.

Pranayama is very helpful in preventing yourself from the infection. When you exhale energetically, the Co2 in your lungs and the toxin from your body is released. This will help you to manage with your problems. Abdominal breathing also helps a lot. This practice requires to breathe in and breathe out while reclining down using the stomach muscles. That is how the toxins will be removed from the base of your lungs. Abdominal breathing can be done very frequently.

You can do it for five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the afternoon and 5 minutes in the evening. Pawanmuktasana is also found very effective. While practicing this asana your liver is also exercised. It strengthens your liver.


Yoga is a positive approach for the negative happening. In this hectic life we all should practice yoga to have a healthy and positive life. Connecting with yoga practices daily make a huge impact on our nervous system too. Instead of following unhealthy lifestyle, we must follow some yoga exercises and can have long and fulfilled life ahead.

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