Amazing Benefits of Clay Pot Cooking

Clay Pot Cooking
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Amazing Benefits You Just can’t ignore; You’ll Be Back Cooking in Clay Pots

They may look old-fashioned, or you may feel a bit difficult to manage in your busy kitchen. Traditionally, our ancestors used to cook, eat, and store water in clay pots. The flavor and aroma of the food cooked in clay pots are unique because it holds all the natural flavors. Ask your grandparents, I’m sure they say the same.

Nowadays modern kitchens are designed with new stylish cookware. Teflon-coated, nonstick pans, and aluminum

cookware is widely seen in our kitchen. They may be convenient to use but have dangerous effects on health.

But happy to see that clay pots are trending again worldwide. Knowing their health benefits restaurants, households are bringing back to their kitchens. Now let me tell you the amazing facts and health benefits of clay pots.

Health Benefits Of Cooking In Clay Pots or Earthenware

According to Ayurveda, cooking in clay pots has immense health benefits.

  • Micronutrients like calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium iron enter your food naturally. Provides extreme benefits for a healthy body.
  • Neutralizes acid present in your food. Because of its alkaline properties, it helps to maintain Ph balance. Thus, helps in easy digestion.
  • Requires less oil to cook food. As clay is porous in nature, it provides adequate moisture. Helps to circulate steam while cooking.
  • Nutrients of the food are preserved, as it involves a slow cooking process. Hence, no loss to the nutrients.

These are the additional health benefits. You may not get that if you cook in stainless steel, nonstick, or any other vessels.

Now let us move, to know other interesting and important benefits.

Beyond its healthy factors for you, you will be surprised to know it is eco-friendly too.

It comes from the soil and when you discard it, it is ready to go directly to the soil. Don’t need space in landfills which causes pollution and environmental damage.

Things to consider while buying a clay pot

The quality of the clay plays a prominent role. It is the major important aspect to ponder before buying earthenware.

  • Should be free from impurities. Buy from a brand that assures the quality of the clay. Better if the clay is lab tested.
  • Go to your nearest trusted potter and get the best pots for you. An experienced potter can evaluate the quality of clay without any lab test. That is done only by touching, feeling the smell of the clay.

Maintaining your clay pots and pans

As we are habituated to cook in stainless steel and Teflon. Initially, you might face some difficulty in cooking and cleaning.

Believe me, you may break or spoil some pots too.

Cooking in clay pots needs patience and practice and it’s completely worth it.

There are many elements to consider maintaining your earthenware long-lasting. I‘ll share a few prime tips which I experienced.

  • Seasoning is the most starting step. Season well before you start cooking.
  • Always start cooking with low medium flame. Eventually, you can increase or decrease once the pot gets heated.
  • Do not use liquids or soaps. Clay pots have small pores that tend to absorb and release into your next meal.
  • Wash with normal water or hot water with a soft scrubber. Coconut coir is the ideal scrubber for cleaning clay pots.
  • After cleaning and washing let them dry well.
  • Always store in a well-ventilated place.

These steps help you in maintaining clay pots for a long time. So, make your mind to bring back clay pots. Are you still thinking about your busy routines? Well, this idea might help you.

Cook and serve in clay pots and plates on your special days and festivals. Why not every Saturday and Sunday! enjoy the natural flavors. That makes your day even more special.

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